great dream(or so i heard)

I first posted this dream on my dreamteam forum and JO5H replied and said it was lik one of the best dreams he ever herd and i should get a grammy for it or sumin. lol. anyway he also said i should post it on here so here it is.

Titel: War of Time

  • this is another war like movie dream only i like this one a lil bit better just cus it delivered more of a challenge. Anyway it started out in the west (usa) around the 1840s or whenever the old west period wit the indian battles were. So im the general of this calvary and we are gettin ready to fight off this army of Indians. i got an old fashioned vintage-like rifle. So the battle starts i yell fire and we all start shooting the Indians. Well after a while we notice the Indians r just standin there. and even worse r bullets r just bouncing off. So my men r all shootin not even noticing wuts happenin and i realize this is gonna be bad. Weird enough we r right next to a modern day minature golf course thats fenced in so i gather my men and get every1 inside and we run around to lock the gates. (even though the wall is lik 3 feet high the Indians need to use the gates) 1 indian was tryin to open 1 so i wacked him wit the butt of my rifle in the head. then another got a far end gate open and all the indians charged in and it was a massive hand to hand combat battle calvary vs indians. after that point our bullets started killin them again but they had arrows too. So i was runnin around fighting Indians and shootin ones on horses.
    Then to make matters worse the arachnids(from the movie starship troopers) are seen charging over a distant hill. well as u guessed in everything turned into a free for all between my calvary the indians and the bugs. I saw bugs eating indians and soldiers. soldiers shooting bugs, indians stabbin soldiers, soldiers beatin up indians. Well i was doin my best to survive but then all of a sudden huge blasts came from the sky and started blowing up the area. I was thrown to the ground and when the blasts stoped i got up and everything was dead except for 1 other indian and 1 other bug. Then these 6 robots and 3 futuristic warrior soldiers dropped down on the battle field. me and the 2 other survivors ended up joining the 3 warriors to fight the robots for sum reason i guess there was the feelin they were the good guys and robots were bad. Anyway i took on this weird robot that was a small orb lookin thing that when it opened up it had arms and legs and could close into a deadly cannon ball type thing. Well i started runnin around it throwing things at it. And then it charged me and hit me sending me flyin through sum building down these steps. Then it followed me down there and walked over while i was fakin bein dead then i wacked it over the head wit a lead pipe. Then i proceded to beat it up wit the pipe then i wacked it into a fuse box and it got electricuted and died. When i got back outside the bug and Indian had been killed already and so had 1 future soldier. So it was lik me and 2 soldiers against 4 robots (i killed 1 and they other guys killed 1) So i dont remember much of the fighting after that point. I just remember having to fight robots a lot huger. in the end one of the soldier guys died and the other was wounded and im pretty sure i killed the last robot. Because it turned into an evil tickle me elmo and it was really powerful and beat me up but i stabbed it wit a flamming arrow.

wow :cool_laugh:


That was kind of crazy… Have you ever thought about interperting this dream??? or do you think it is just a big collection of movies you’ve watched? :wink: