Group Reality Check

Count me in XD
Even though I usually don’t dream of mirrors, only once that I can remember. But it’s worth a try. XD
Another RC I think would be good would be every time you get in a vehicle.

Gah, still too lazy to RC every mirror I see :ack: but at least I see no mirrors in the dreams :tongue:

what about doing a RC every time you eat something? It’s not that frequent that you get sick of doing rcs and I think we all eat in dreams from time to time…

Actually I do RC so often that they had turned pointless for me :tongue: but since its a habit I have I still RC very often :tongue:

I’m joining. Though there aren’t so many mirrors around my house :tongue:

Hello Everybody, Are WE Lucid Dreaming Right NOw?

This poor group reality check has gotten a little stale. :neutral: Well that’s life!

I just thought of a new idea, so join me if you like: Right now it is 5:57PM Eastern Standard Time.

I am going to do a REality Check @
6:15 PM
7:00 PM
7:45 PM
8:30 PM
9:15 PM

When I do the reality check, I am going to say out loud:
“Are WE lucid dreaming right now?” And I will look in the mirror or any reflection I can and try to push my finger through it and also pinch my nose and try to breath to figure out if WE are lucid dreaming or not!

Okay, I’m going to go grab my cellphone, set the alarms now, so join me if you like!

Hey Six, I set those alarms on my cellphone too, gonna try the nose RC with all of them. We’ll see if I do it in my dream tonight too! :happy:

High five FretDancer!

I hope we both get lucid tonight from these reality checks together! :smile:

We could make it even trippier and think of each other while doing them, and have a shared lucid dream together!

YES KauaiDreamer!
I know it’s possible. Lately I have been talking with some friends about Lucid dreaming and it is getting intense. Like going on awareness walks together and doing reality check like every 2 minutes. So a couple of friends have told me that I was in their dreams and made them get lucid, yet I didn’t remember it. The time will come when we will both remember and become lucid together in the Same dream I just know it!

So I will think of you guys during the reality checks.

So I’m setting new times since these ones are over now.
I was thinking starting tomorrow @


So if you are in a different time zone then look at this time zone converterto find out exactly what time that is in your time zone, compared to the ESTthat I posted.

That way we can do the group reality checks at the exact same!
Alright, I am writing these times down and putting the first ones in my cell phone now!

Note to self: 5:57PM EST is 22:58 here :tongue:

And about the group RC, I completely forgot this experiment :ack: /me needs to motivate himself back to LD’ing :tongue:

Has anyone checked their mirror recently?

:ack: I forgot this experiment til you mentioned mirrors :lol: I passed a mall the other day and got a vague memory about this thread :tongue: but I referred that RC to The Game actually :tongue:

I’m so glad to see a reply to this thread in my email today.

I have been absent from ld4all for well over a month and this reminder is great to get back in.
I’m going to go clean my bathroom mirror now all the while checking to find it is a dream!
Good luck to everyone else.

Hey guys! I hope you’ve been doing the mirror RC’s :tongue:
I’m on my 2 week break, so back to RCing ! I’m thinking of getting a mirror for my room :grin:

This is kinda difficult because the only place in the house we have a mirror is the bathroom, and I only go in there like a couple times a day. It’d be hard to build a habit out of something that doesn’t always happen.

Wow 9 pages… and I’ve only seen this thread now haha
Well, I’m late (REALLY late) but I’m in as well.

Never had an LD before, so hopefully this will help :smile:

I’m with anonymousZ on this one, totally late, but count me in! Very bright idea :smile:

Me three! :3

This sounds good. Can I get in?