Group Reality Check

me too, I’ve been trying to make a habit of it

i think this is a great way to do that, so what are the conditions?

I’m up for this. It sounds like by doing it this way, RC would carry more importance and maybe would be more likely to be noticed either IRL or while dreaming.

:grouphug: :rc: :grin:
Group Reality Check

All right! I’m glad you all want to do this. So I have at least one reality check point idea. Well yesterday, I randomly thought about the mirror… and this morning, my very last dream, I looked in the mirror and was thinking about how my face looked ‘different’ and was wondering why…
Well, I woke up and just knew that looking into the mirror must be a reality check point.

Also, the mirror is cool in a symbolic way. When we look into the mirror, we can reflect on things,…like Reality Checking! and the other people who also do reality checks in the mirror like:

Bodom247 -(David)

and who ever else what’s to team up with us

Most of us see a mirror at least 3 times a day right? so it shouldn’t be that hard. We can even do this RC when we clearly see our reflection in windows on the street.

Okay, so let’s give this a minimum of a week (until next Monday)with 100% RC Every Time we look in a Mirror.

Please post any comments about how it’s going or any other ideas.
Happy mirror reality checking everybody.

I like this idea!
I’m in :smile: oh boy that will be a lot of reality checking :grin: I’ll try and stick my finger through the mirror as a RC.
#six, you may want to edit your first post to update with who is in and what the RC is and so on :smile:

fun thing about mirrors as a RC is that when you have a mirror in front of you in a dream, and you have RC-ed and know you are dreaming, next step is to go through the mirror :happy:

Im in, but since I got a mirror in my room (does an RC) I always forget to RC when I look into it :tongue: since I wake up seeing it. Well, I could make this into a habit to RC every time I see into a mirror :mirror:

dang, :ack: I just realized I have brushed my teeth and looked in a mirror but totally have forgotten to do a RC.

I’m in. Maybe this will trigger a Mutual Dream, or the illusion of one ?

That happens to me all the time, I see mirror very often, but I dont RC every time I see it :cry:

This idea sounds fun! :grin:

I am in :smile:

i wanna join!
i mean like, totaly!

:content: What an awesome idea! I’ll definately join!

I’m in :happy:

Sure! I need to get back up to speed on RC’s.

phew this is gonna get hard! i already forgot about that but i havent seen a mirror yet so not too bad^^

For sure! And you know what? The mirror now has a different look to it…hmmmm :content:

Awesome thought. Like we are RC’ing together, so next step, why not dream together?!

lol! right after first updated the post, I went to the bathroom, brushed my teeth and was fixing my hair for 20 minutes. (I was super involved in the mirror) I came out of the bathroom and read your post and had to smack myself too! I got up and stared in the mirror and did a quadruple RC!
My day has gotten a whole lot better. Seen many mirrors and reflections. How could I not dream of a mirror tonight!?

Wow I come back a day later and its two pages already! But thats great news, like you said, ‘‘There is strength in a group’’, I like that saying!

So Mirror RC it is! This will be fun :happy:

Started this today!
I have to do this RC every time I walk through the foyer at work (surrounded by mirrors)! and some of the mirrors are convex/concave and give that crazy disproportionate circus look which makes me RC a few times more just to make sure! :tongue:
Also I’m doing the RC when I see myself in a window’s reflection, although if I walk down a highly glazed street, I have to cut myself some slack!
Thanks and Happy Mirror RC’ing! :grin:
Bodom (David)

I definitely need to do more RCs. I’m in :content:

Can you count me in as well please? Haven’t done RCs for ages and going through a dry spell :sad:

I’ll try! I’m a seamstress and have a huge mirror in the bedroom. Unfortunately I never really look at myself in it, it’s for the customers. But it’s a good idea so I will try and get my head out of the cloud and try to notice that I have a face and a body somewhere. :razz: