Group Reality Check

I definitely need to do more RCs. I’m in :content:

Can you count me in as well please? Haven’t done RCs for ages and going through a dry spell :sad:

I’ll try! I’m a seamstress and have a huge mirror in the bedroom. Unfortunately I never really look at myself in it, it’s for the customers. But it’s a good idea so I will try and get my head out of the cloud and try to notice that I have a face and a body somewhere. :razz:

I’ll join. I could use some motivation to do more frequent RCs. :happy:

Ive been sliping on my RCs. I do them alot everyday, but Ive gotten to the point that its just a habbit, and Im not really focusing, or looking around me. Ill do it sign me up.

I’d love the join.

This is harder than I thought :tongue: I looked in a mirror several times today and forgot to RC

Great idea! and wow, this thread is popular! Count me in too, I should RC more. I hope I can remember, but that’s the point isn’t it? :tongue:

I think I’ll also do the plane one. For some reason it sounds ver good. Maybe when I see the moon too, or something… :grin:

me too, but i finnally got the hang of it :smile:

woo, I have remembered to do a RC now when I walked past the mirror in the living room :grin:

Walked past the mirror at least 5 times this morning without realizing it was there, let alone remembering to do an RC! Haha, the clouds are really thick in the morning, especially if it’s raining in RL. :dark:

Well, Ive been doing more and more RC’s when I see a mirror, but I still miss too many mirrors :wallhit: :razz: but eventually itll work, Ill motivate myself to make this work :yes:

lol, hey in my bed room, my sliding closet doors are total mirrors. It’s a long closet too. That groggy self can be an enemy to RC’s! But really I actauly feel the power of Team work and know that all of you got my back :grin: .

-OK I have to share a dream I had: Some people gathered around me and asked me what books on dreaming have I read? I started to name them, “Dreams and what they mean to you, by Migene… Lucid Dreaming, by Stephane…and ummmmm, this one and that one etc… and oh yeah, Dreams your Magic Mirror, by …”
and the group of people just kept staring at me…I felt like I was supposed to do something… >This is where all of you are supposed to say to me: :ding:
Well I woke up, but good news is that I went back to sleep and just simply went :lucid:

So I’m happy to see the Mirror RC coming into my dreams even though it was in a form of listing a title of a book, but hey, it was there.

I did alot of RC’s today! I’ve only missed like 2 or 3 RC’s when I looked at the mirror. This really helps alot :happy:

Aaargh! The whole idea must have sunk in because I looked in mirrors a lot in my dreams last night - but didn’t do any RCs! Doh!

However I did become semi-lucid… although it wasn’t linked to the mirrors i’m seeing it as a positive result :tongue:

This seems like a really good idea :happy: Count me in.
Although my dreams hardly ever involve mirrors. Maybe they will have some now :smile:

Haha! I actually realized that I was nearing my mirror and did an RC when I got there. Maybe I’ll hang a bunch of mirrors all over my house :grin:
I’d love to encounter a mirror in my LD and step through.

I bought a mirror on impulse a couple of weeks ago, and hung it yesterday to help with my R.Cs. The same mirror made an appearance in my dreams last night, but didn’t make me lucid. I missed another couple of dreamsigns, but it does feel as if my unconscious self is making an effort with me.
Six - good news about your l.d . What was it like, in length and quality ?

Count me in! Sounds like a pretty good idea to me.

I can’t help, but to share this photo I found when searching “Mirror” on google.

It started blurry for about 30 seconds then It was bright and clear. I walked around a neighborhood wishing I had a plan to do in the LD…It lasted for what seemed to be 4 minutes.(I’ll update my online DJ later on today.I’ll try not to forget)