Guys You Would Love to dream About

Ok, I’m a guy, but when I dream of women in any fashion or another. All scopes included, unless they are family (in which case I’m having a fairly normal dream) they usually are women I don’t know, but are perfect companions. As if our souls resonated in unity. For the life of me I can never remember what anybody looks like in a dream, unless it is somebody I know.

I don’t dream about actors and rich people who appear in the media and live a life of vanity and have those celebrity marriages that are filled with drama that one might think was all acted out. Those kind are good liars and only live for publicity. Oh ladies, get in line. There are plenty of other women who’d have romantic relationships with them any day too (I don’t suppose you want to dream about them to ask what the meaning of life, the universe, and everything else is, do you?) Anybody you make up in your dreams, and I have no clue about a lady’s dream, is probably better than the kind you find in the world.

I’m not a good guy either.

I only have actors as DCs as random DCs to fill out the scene, prob since their faces are easily remembered by my subconscious. Most are just actors or actresses from soaps or TV series.
The main DCs are either generic or representations of people I know.

I don’t think I have ever dreamnt about movie stars…or anything like that…The closet I got to that was taking there place in a movie :tongue: but ye…

In my case, I don’t watch much TV, but I watch anime. Anytime I ever have a dream about anime, I usually fill in the position of the main character in that anime. This has happened in dreams with Bleach (anime) Final Fantasy VIII, but it has not happened in dreams with Sonic the Hedgehog (I’ve been a fan ever since I used to play Sonic the Hedgehog on the Sega Genesis console.)

Then recently I had a dream that was like a fps video game…but I don’t know which one.

Thought of someone else I wanna dream of! Chrizimer! :content: hehe

Anything but that! I’m not gay or anything, but I’m not a lovable cute stuffed animal. I’m a jackass. If I meet any women from LD4ALL in my dreams, I’ll know why tho.

hehe…still wanna dream about you! :grin: …and hmm .:grin: this guy named Brandon … hehe

could you please remember that chat like posts are now against forum guidelines? it is also possible to edit earlier posts to add more names. :yes:

My list isn’t too long.

Orlando Bloom as Legolas or Scott Speedman as Michael Corvin would be nice. But the guy I really want to dream about is Galen, smexy smexy lionman. :cloud9: sigh :love:

Apologies if I’m distubing anyone :grin:

Blessed Be :cool:

I want to dream about Captain Picard :cloud9: (played by Patrick Stewart). At the moment, that’s my motivation for my next LD. :grin:

Chris Farley as…he’s funny!

Hwoarang–we can go around muggin’ and harrassin’ people :ebil:

Claudio oh oh! Lead singer of Coheed is just too awesome not to dream about!

I know this was posted over an year ago but… I’m SO jealous! XD


ahem… Guys I would like to dream about… that would be Gackt. But I’ve already dreamt about him so… =| (btw S.K.I.N. rocks!)

Ha, well nevermind that, I just had a LD about him, so it’s all good.

i think we ALL know what i’m going to say

oh yes

Brad Pitt in all his studlyness

But anyway…

Most of the dudes i would want to dream about would be fictional characters :razz:.

Maybe Link from LoZ or such,

i could fight Arthas or Illiden from Warcraft, too.

Also, Sean Connery is epic incarnate :open_mouth:

Chris Corner :hugs: = Me and Chris… I wish :roll:

OMG :eek: He is so freakin’ HAWT :tongue:

His hotness is directly proportionate to the moral manly wrongess of my post :tongue:

Oh, Charlie Sheen a la mode with a generous helping of Ron Pearlman :cloud9:


hehe, most of mine are from musicals…

hugh panaro- as phantom
gerard butler-as phantom, maybe as king leonidas from 300, just for the body and lack of clothes :tongue:
john owen jones-as phantom
michael crawford-as phantom
i’d do music of the night, point of no return, and the kiss with all of them. :yes:
ewan mcgregor- as christian from moulin rouge
totally do elephant love medley with him :wink:
haha, when i typed elephant, i automatically went elephantom
i think i’m obsessed. :content:
adam pascal- as roger from rent
i’d do your eyes with him, but instead of dying, i’d kiss him :nodnodwinkwink:
steve barton- as raoul(phantom of the opera)
i’d do all i ask of you :gni:
matthew mcfadyen- as darcy(pride and prejudice)
i love that rugged beauty!
jake gyllenhaal- preferrably as sam from day after tomorrow. i love that movie…
there will be more! trust me, i get a new celeb crush almost every day… :grin: