Hand through palm

While using the hand through palm RC, do you need to watch your hand, or is the sense of touch enough? Also, how reliable is this technique?

for me, I read about it one week ago, and it worked twice in my lucid dreams since then ! Maybe it depends, but for me it works very good and I have so much fun each time I do that, I can’t stop smiling when I do it, I simply love it :happy:

What I do is I make the movement to see if my finger will stop or go through the palm of the opposite hand. This is not the feeling of touch, since there is no feeling of touch, the finger goes right through the hand ^^

I become lucid immediatly after, since I know in RL my finger would touch my palm and stop. I do this in RL as a reality check also, because if you repeat it in RL, your mind will remember it easily when you dream, and you will notice immediatly the difference when your finger goes through your palm.

I don’t know why but it’s one of the funniest thing I’ve done so far in my LD, maybe because it involves my body…I should try metamorphosis then :happy:

i like this method a lot cause it’s one you can get away with on the sly without a lot of people giving you too strange of looks. now dream people…maybe they don’t mind so much :tongue:

I dont know how reliable this is, as I normally use the nose RC, and I can tell you that the nose RC is a very reliable RC, never failed me yet. As for the palm RC, I’ve heard a lot of people saying that its very reliable, and yea, I guess you can do this is RL without lots of poeple really noticing. When you pinch your nose while walking down the street :grin:

I used to use the nose test, but the problem is that it takes so long. In a dream, it’s only convincing after ten seconds or so. There’s a way around this by trying to inhale or exhale deeply, but that kept giving me ear infections (it pushed mucus up the Eustachius tube).

Also, when my nose is clogged or an arteriole’s ruptured, it feels unpleasant.

I find that any of the RCs work. Basically, by thinking about them when you are awake, you think about them when you are asleep. Pretty much just the idea of “I should do an RC” in a dream is enough to make me lucid. So, fingers-through-palm work great. Really, you don’t care what happens, as long as it’s enough to make you lucid. If it passes through your hand, if it stops before it reaches the palm, if there’s seven fingers on the hand doing it… whatever, the end result is the same, lucidity! And I agree, very inconspicuous.

The nose RC is fine too, you don’t have to actually hold your nose, if you want. Just close your nose and mouth and try to breath. When no air comes in, you’re awake. If you’re dreaming, you keep getting breath even though you’ve plugged them. Again, it’s a matter of expectation, RCs do weird things in dreams, making them RCs. So, you don’t have to push hard enough to cause trouble, just lightly trying to breath while it’s blocked should be enough.

Another nice one is reading, since words scramble. Read anything 3 times, if it changes, you’re dreaming. You can always find some text somewhere, so it makes a nice inconspicuous RC as well.

Good luck and may weird things happen!

Yeah the read things is a good one. Another similar is the clock RC. You look at a clock, and if the time changes youre dreaming.

The sense of touch is enough (in my experience). Watching probably wouldn’t hurt, though.

I use the hand through palm RC all the time:P
And several others, depending on which situation I’m in.
Like the other night, I was trapped in my PC and couldn’t see anything but my screen.
I thought that was weird so I did a RC (I looked at the clock) and became lucid.

i tried this just the other night and it failed. My finger hit my palm and stopped, it felt so real too. I still figured out I was dreaming though.

well recently it did not work, because I used to do them IRL just to do them. And I think that since my body knows now how it works, well in my recent dream, that RC did not make me lucid, because my fingers stopped when touching my palm !

So instead of repeating RC IRL to see the different in the dream, my mind learned and repeated in the dream how it happened IRL !!

In my last lucid dream, I did not do a RC, which could have confused me on knowing whereas it was a dream or not. I simply said “this must be a dream…” and immediatly noticed the difference in the details of the dream. Everything was more vivid.

Toxschy-san told me that “you should always keep a feeling of wonder when you do a RC, be prepared for the unexpected”. Because if you don’t, you end like me : you repeat RCs IRL just for their own purpose, and when you dream the same happens : you do it, but you are convinced that you are not dreaming…just like when you did it IRL…

Well when you’re doing an RC you have to expect it to work or it wont. Im pretty sure theres a topic around here somewhere about it but I cants seem to find it…

Expect it to work. Hm, I’ll do the nose test after all, then. You don’t have to expect one to work either how.

suppose you dont often expect it to work, but you press on your palm with extra intrigue and question just to be sure, how valid is this? because abit before i had my second LD i started using this tech and this got me lucid, i even remember retrying to touch my palm after the first try kept me from contact…then i was certain i was dreaming.

for me it doesn’t work, it just won’t get through -.-

I did it once and it grossed me out totally! I saw my skin stretch out and then the nail poke thorough followed by the rest of my finger and then I stopped. Ew!!
That was just too creepy. If I even for the teensiest bit sense that I am dreaming I let myself fall forward and find myself hoping it is a dream so I don’t hurt myself. It’s so cool to start floating right befrore your hit the ground! :pharaoh: