Happy 12 year anniversary LD4all!

It seems like it was only yesterday when the 10 year anniversairy was.
But time flies when you have fun.
Most people come to LD4all to practice their LDing but many spends more time on LD4all enjoying the community than practising their LD skills.
In other word, it’s a great place.
Happy Anniversairy LD4all.


I don’t think i need to say much more…

Why was ld4all created on mothers day?

LD4all wasn’t created on mother’s day, for the first mother’s day is always on a sunday(here in sweden), plus mother’s day aren’t on the same day in different countries, and I doubt it was a sunday, 12 years ago :wink:

/me cheers for LD4all :partying_face: :mrgreen_hat:
Thanks for starting and staying with LD4all for all these years Qu. :smile:

Congrats LD4all :content:

Happy belated anniversary LD4all, I’ll treat you with my second post in a long while :smile:

I didn’t hear of this in #ld4all BECAUSE?

/me glares at Regal and Qu

Happy birthday ld4all, and hello to everyone around here. I’ve been rather silent of late and this anniversary reminds me how much time I spent on the forum. Summer will be here soon… :cool:

Happy anniversary!!!

:cool: :hugs: :ld4all:

/me brings cake :cool:

LD4all has been around since 96’?!?! WHAT!?

Congratulations Q :smile:

As always, well done.

This must be one of the oldest forums on the internet! That’s insane!

Thanks Q for a wonderful place!

12 years…Wow. *Yanielle runs to get ice cream to go with Bruno’s cake!

Glad to be a part of this! I will definitely stick around to see more.

[color=indigo] Happy Birthday LD4all![/color]

Hmm 12 years you say… yeah i’m late … and yes… moogle made me do it…but yeah… :tongue:

happy birthday LD4all and Good job Q :smile:


I love this forum! Happy birthday! (I know I’m late :razz: )

LD4all/ Through the Mirror opened in 1996… The World Wide Web was only released in 1992.

As a child of the computer era, this just blows my mind.

When this site first went up, I was in preschool. :eek: All I could do with a computer was play solitaire.

:grin: I’m just waiting for the first member to join with the same birthday as LD4all … it will only be in a few years time :content:

yea , that would be tottally cool :yes:
we already have/had a nine year old here so it might happen in two years … or today :smile:

The greatest site I have ever visited!! :woo: