Happy 12 year anniversary LD4all!

LD4all wasn’t created on mother’s day, for the first mother’s day is always on a sunday(here in sweden), plus mother’s day aren’t on the same day in different countries, and I doubt it was a sunday, 12 years ago :wink:

/me cheers for LD4all :partying_face: :mrgreen_hat:
Thanks for starting and staying with LD4all for all these years Qu. :smile:

Congrats LD4all :content:

Happy belated anniversary LD4all, I’ll treat you with my second post in a long while :smile:

I didn’t hear of this in #ld4all BECAUSE?

/me glares at Regal and Qu

Happy birthday ld4all, and hello to everyone around here. I’ve been rather silent of late and this anniversary reminds me how much time I spent on the forum. Summer will be here soon… :cool:

Happy anniversary!!!

:cool: :hugs: :ld4all:

/me brings cake :cool:

LD4all has been around since 96’?!?! WHAT!?

Congratulations Q :smile:

As always, well done.

This must be one of the oldest forums on the internet! That’s insane!

Thanks Q for a wonderful place!

12 years…Wow. *Yanielle runs to get ice cream to go with Bruno’s cake!

Glad to be a part of this! I will definitely stick around to see more.

[color=indigo] Happy Birthday LD4all![/color]

Hmm 12 years you say… yeah i’m late … and yes… moogle made me do it…but yeah… :tongue:

happy birthday LD4all and Good job Q :smile:


I love this forum! Happy birthday! (I know I’m late :razz: )

LD4all/ Through the Mirror opened in 1996… The World Wide Web was only released in 1992.

As a child of the computer era, this just blows my mind.

When this site first went up, I was in preschool. :eek: All I could do with a computer was play solitaire.

:grin: I’m just waiting for the first member to join with the same birthday as LD4all … it will only be in a few years time :content:

yea , that would be tottally cool :yes:
we already have/had a nine year old here so it might happen in two years … or today :smile:

The greatest site I have ever visited!! :woo:

Holy, this page is more than a decade old? ARE there any non-commercial sites this old anywhere else? Good job I say, good job. This community is a freak on the internet, too nice and friendly… :happy:

i came here the 12 year ! yay :smile: