Happy 13 year anniversary, LD4all! :D

Today, may 25, 2009 LD4all celebrates it’s 13 year anniversary :slide:

[center][title]13 years of spreading the art and knowledge of lucid dreaming online throughout the world. :dream:

10 years of lucid dreaming community :grouphug: [/title][/center]

Happy Anniversary LD4all!

I made 2 anniversary gifts for all.
One is a knowledge base article describing the history of LD4all, with screenshots :grin:

And the second one is the key to the first ever LD4all. To see how it all started, I have brought it back alive :smile:
Some of you might remember, I did this on a previous anniversary as well, but in the mean time we had a server crash and it was lost, now I found it back again :grin:

For the first ever LD4all / Through the Mirror: go => here

username: dreamer
password: lucid

enjoy! :yay:

Long live ld4all! :tongue: thanks for showing the first ld4all, it was fun to see how it looked back then :mrgreen:

I hope this place is even bigger at the 14th anniversary :grouphug:

I think ld4all deserves a cake :grin:

I remember that site! :cool_laugh:

Happy anniversary, LD4all! :ld4all:

Happy anniversary LD4all ! I’ve also a present for LD4all and its members, something like about thirty new avvies ! :happy: Here are some samples !

Wohoo happy anniversary! :smile:

\o/ Yay! Happy anniversary!

Thank you Ghostie, Siiw, lucidblogger and Rodrigo :grin:
Basilus, I have added your new ava’s to the gallery now! They are great :thumbs: Thank you! :happy:
I love the new holes in the layout :grin:

I was wondering how they will render, eventually they look fine. :smile: Thx for having added them so quickly! :happy:

The website looks quite good for its age.

Great article Q :yay:

wow it’s amazing how these anniversaries fly by. :eek:

I’m just waiting for the first member to join who was born on May 25, 1996 :smile:

Well well! :grin:

Thanks very much for all of this Q – the forum and the splendid little tour up there. My dino and I are very glad to be a part of it. Ahhh weirdo picture alert…

/me hands out epic artifacts to everyone :hug:
Let’s hope LD4allgets only better from here … :smile:

Happy birthday ld4all, now begins the rebellious teenage years :tongue: