Hargart's Induction Technique Log (HILD)

I think I can try this…
Thanks for the technique.

When i tried this last time i didnt make it… but now i am more skilled knowing how long it is before im going to sleep. I mean… i can sense when i almost fell asleep… :smile: Going to try this again toinght for sure


How many hours after you went to bed did you try this?

well, it didn’t work because I totally fell asleep, but I’ll try agian tonight,

hargarts: i think i went to bed at 01.00 and woke up trying it around 5 or something… i didnt note the time… I forgot trying the tech tonight because i tried WILD :smile:

I want to tell you a funny thing… I was trying to WILD when i first went to bed… 23.30… When i woke up because my father came in at 00:00 i thought i was dreaming… and all that he said to me, I thought was a dream untill i did a RC when he was gone and i wasnt… HAHA LOL :happy:

-hargarts- I tried your technique this night !

I woke up (naturally) after 5 hours of sleep, and then I remembered your technique. It seems to be very good, but I’m not a WILDer, I never had a lucid dream with WILD. So after some tries, I decided to sleep… and I had a little MILD in which I was closing my nose ( I never used this RC before ) !

I have a question indeed :
When practising your technique, I didn’t dare to make a physical RC because I was afraid of awaking fully. In the technique, you have to make very small finger movements, but if you sit then on your bed, as you say, or even close your nose to RC, doesn’t it destroy the effect of asleeping ?

And a remark : could not be your technique more fruitful if you wake up after 4h30 or 5 hours ? The REM period would be longer than after 2 cycles, wouldn’t it ?

Same here. I was trying to get very close to falling asleep without actually going, but I nodded off.

Ok, I tried the alarm again, I was getting close, and then the stupid alarm went off again lol…

By that time it was getting bright out, and I could hear all those birds out side, after that, I felt relaxed, but never tired hmm… Maybe I should go to bed earlier… heh

I also need to try playing music in the background while im sleeping and see if that will wake me up at the correct time, and in a tired state.

** I need to set the alarm volume lower so I come out of the sleeping state slowly **

Basilus West,

The big problem is trying to not only get your self relaxed, but you have to be tired, and feel like you can fall asleep… If you slept 5-6 hours, you would have more REM, but I would find it hard trying to get into that “tired” state because your body doesnt need much more rest at that point.

About the movement… If you did a RC, and you were not in a dream, yes it would wake you up even more, but if the tech. works correctly, the RC would be done in a dream, along w/ the sitting up and getting out of bed, therefor it wouldnt wake you up…

And if you do the RC, and you are still awake, I would just go to sleep normally, and try again another day.

I think you can tell how awake you are if you open your eyes,

  • If you easily open your eyes, and feel awake, and rested, it’s not gonna work. Maybe someone is able to relax to that tired state again, but I know once I feel that feeling of being awake, I cant get rid of it.
  • If you open your eyes, still feel tired, and feel like you could easily go back to sleep, you have a good change of it working. (When It worked on my first attempt, I opened my eyes, and looked around before I tried the tech. … the feeling after i had opened my eyes was very different what you feel in the morning when you wake up normally… a feeling like Im not done resting, I need to sleep some more)

I think that the only way to get into this state is be slowly woken up in the middle of the night (when it’s still dark out (a MUST) - The sun will tell your mind that you are fully rested. Also, a sudden waking jolt from an alarm clock will cause you to lose it) or to somehow semi-wakeup after a dream in the morning (that’s what happned the very first time)

Much better results… I fell asleep tho betore I could try :smile:

Hola Folks!!

I tryed this method last night, well actually it was this morning but who cares, and my results were these:

I woke up at nine, forgot to set my alarm for four, anyway my dog was barking and woke me up, i did a reality check and nothing, i wasn’t sleeping so i decided i would try this method. I started to move my fingers, but instead of 10 secs. i went for about 2 min., i then sat up and did a RC, nothing. However as soon as my head hit the pillow i feel asleep dreaming that i was still in bed, i decided that i would do one more RC before i went to sleep, and low and behold, i was dreaming.

I then became Lucid for my second time and it lasted for about 10 min!!!

Thanks for the method!

Congratulations Demon! How long have you been LDing? :wink:

About three weeks, when i joined, had my first one a couple of days ago and now my second. :cool:

Congrats on your second LD!

How long did it last, and where you able to get out of your bed (I sometimes get SP w/in the dream, so it takes some effort to get up)?

I bet if you had been more tired, you would have fallen asleep while doing the movement :smile:

good job

It lasted about ten minutes, i’m guessing, but as soon as I realized that i was dreaming I sort of like found myself at school, and I wasn’t in the bed anymore. O_o

Also I think that it was a NREM LD because I could feel my RL body roll over and stuff while i was dreaming, and I wasn’t doing anything like rolling in the dream.

Are your LDs In NREM sleep also when you do this method?

Oh and thanks for the method, and the congrat!

Nope, they were normal LDs…
The only thing Iv found strange is that I sometimes get SP inside the dream while I try to stand up… but once i say “increase lucidity” a few times, it goes away…

Yeah I need to remember to “increase lucidity” next time, i was so excited this time that forgot to, and everything was blurry as heck…

I just wanna tell u that the tec worked for me! I allmoast didi your tec some min ago and i did my fist “WILD” (i did a RC) but i dont know what to call it… I was WILDing whit your tec but i haved to check whit a RC…

I did wbtb sleep for 6 h I think…went up to the bathroom… and back to bed, then I jest relaxed so match that I was almost fell asleep then I raise up form my bed and did a Rc and I was dreaming!!

Zardos said me that he succeed that technique and gave me the link :smile:

It sounds very interesting. I mean its very good, because you dont need to wait 30-50 mins like in WILD (i’ve never succeed WILD), so i will practice this technique i guess :smile:

Wish me luck :razz:

Ok, I set the alarm again, but it was raining out, and my dog was going nuts heh, So i the alarm ended up going off 2 hours after I had go to sleep… and I never woke up…

The rest of the night, I kept having dreams where the alarm would go off, and I would hear it in my dream, and then wake up… (I never thought of doing the tech again when i woke from these dreams, or I didnt have time to because I fell asleep again)

Maybe tonight I will have more luck :smile:

Good Job Zardos :smile: