Harry Potter Discussion [warning: spoilers]


Ya know, it would really stink if this did happen and I was framed. :gni: . . . YOU PEOPLE HEARD NOTHING!

Now back on topic, this has bugged me for a while: What did happen to Allivan? Did he just go on vacation? :razz:

That would be horrible ! :scared:

And HP would become a legend .

Can’t remember if I’ve already mentioned it in this thread or not, but I always thought R.A.B would turn out to be Amelia Bones, with the “R” standing for some kind of title (such as Reverend, but it’d probably be one of those unique HP titles). The sixth book was very vague about exactly how she died (and the locket DID say that it’s author would probably be dead by the time it was found).

But then again, I don’t really know, of course!

Yes, that IS funny, cos we all know he will tell either me or BB first… please let it be me!

This is a general Harry Potter discussion, right?

I have a–what I see to be–good question:

What would you do to improve Harry Potter? Anything about it–the storyline, the characters, anything? :confused:

I’d kill Harry Potter in the final book. Seriously.

I kinda agree with that…I could see myself killing off Harry if I could write the seventh book…

I’m thinking either Hermione or Ron or Hagrid should be killed–at least that’s what I’d change in the seventh book (if J.K. doesn’t already have something similar planned…).

And, I would make Harry Potter more modern…get rid of the cliched wands and brooms and robes…the castle was nice–I’d leave that–I’d get rid of the candles, though…I could work around these changes…

Instead of wands, they just use their magic like someone would use telekinesis–magic via their own hands…

Brooms? Why? I’d let them actually fly–yeah, that’d be cool…how would Quidditch work, though? Quidditch without brooms? Just your own fitness and speed? I like that much better…IMO…

Robes? Modern clothes are better, thank you very much…^^

Candles? How about a spell where a witch or wizard could conjure up bubbles of light that station themselves where needed, float aimlessly around the room, or follow the bewitcher if necessary…? That sounds cool, right? :confused:

I’ll go back and skim through the books again…see what else I might change… -.-

Who else thinks Hermione’s hot?

I do! Not. :tongue:

Seriously, Jason—why? :razz:

well… in the fourth movie… when she comes down the steps to the yule ball… wait no! think rikku thoughts…

/me thinks of rikku to drive hermione out of mind

Okay. Lets talk about that girl who’s name i can’t remember… you know, the know-it-all? Who is Harry’s friend or something like that? I don’t think i know anything about her…

I think…her name’s Hermione…
She’s hot!

I already knew that, but Rikku was looking at me funny… so i forgot her…

Emma is hot… and it’s her birthday… awwwwww

I wonder if she’s a lucid dreamer. :cool:

One thing though… I have the same birthday as Hermione…

Emma Watson > Hermione Granger

I KNOW! I meant, that the character Hermione is the one i share a birthday with. NOT Emma Watson!

But you miss the point.

Emma > Hermione.

I know Emma is Hermione. But it is not Emma i share a birthday with! Hermione > Book Character

HERMIONE is the one i share a birthday with! The character in the books!

= better than