Harry Potter Discussion [warning: spoilers]

I kinda agree with that…I could see myself killing off Harry if I could write the seventh book…

I’m thinking either Hermione or Ron or Hagrid should be killed–at least that’s what I’d change in the seventh book (if J.K. doesn’t already have something similar planned…).

And, I would make Harry Potter more modern…get rid of the cliched wands and brooms and robes…the castle was nice–I’d leave that–I’d get rid of the candles, though…I could work around these changes…

Instead of wands, they just use their magic like someone would use telekinesis–magic via their own hands…

Brooms? Why? I’d let them actually fly–yeah, that’d be cool…how would Quidditch work, though? Quidditch without brooms? Just your own fitness and speed? I like that much better…IMO…

Robes? Modern clothes are better, thank you very much…^^

Candles? How about a spell where a witch or wizard could conjure up bubbles of light that station themselves where needed, float aimlessly around the room, or follow the bewitcher if necessary…? That sounds cool, right? :confused:

I’ll go back and skim through the books again…see what else I might change… -.-

Who else thinks Hermione’s hot?

I do! Not. :tongue:

Seriously, Jason—why? :razz:

well… in the fourth movie… when she comes down the steps to the yule ball… wait no! think rikku thoughts…

/me thinks of rikku to drive hermione out of mind

Okay. Lets talk about that girl who’s name i can’t remember… you know, the know-it-all? Who is Harry’s friend or something like that? I don’t think i know anything about her…

I think…her name’s Hermione…
She’s hot!

I already knew that, but Rikku was looking at me funny… so i forgot her…

Emma is hot… and it’s her birthday… awwwwww

I wonder if she’s a lucid dreamer. :cool:

One thing though… I have the same birthday as Hermione…

Emma Watson > Hermione Granger

I KNOW! I meant, that the character Hermione is the one i share a birthday with. NOT Emma Watson!

But you miss the point.

Emma > Hermione.

I know Emma is Hermione. But it is not Emma i share a birthday with! Hermione > Book Character

HERMIONE is the one i share a birthday with! The character in the books!

= better than


Actually >= : equal or better than
But > :Better than


Okay, I read this about half an hour ago, I thought to myself “just let it go, it doesn’t matter” but since I apparently can’t let it go, here I am…

I don’t think you should change anything in Harry Potter, and ESPECIALLY not the brooms, candles, robes, wands or any of those things. Those are the things that make the Harry Potter books so special, it gives the books that magical, unrealistic atmosphere. That’s half the joy of reading the books - you get lost in a whole new, imaginative world, and it’s wonderful thing.

The robes are only there for the atmosphere, as well as the castle, but the brooms actually help out with the plot, like Quidditch! If you take out the brooms, you’d have to take out the Quidditch!

I dunno, with too much modernization, what would Harry Potter be? Just another teenage book? Or a thriller…? It would lose all the Harry Potter-ness and just become an average, plain book.

Oh, and although I see how killing someone off could be “cool” or suitable or whatever, I really hope J.K Rowling isn’t cruel enough to do it. Some of us (me) actually take Harry Potter way more seriously than it should be taken, and every time one of the characters die… I dunno. I hope no one else dies. It’s just painful for me.

Takes a deep breath Calm down. It’s just a book… just a book…

These things are not new, but without them Harry Potter wouldn’t be Harry Potter. Brooms are a long held myth with Witchcraft, so should be in if only for sentimental reasons. But they are also a source of travel for the wizard people.

Without things like this Harry Potter and his world are just nothing but muggles. You might as well drop the whole magic thing completely. Swap the avada Kedavra curse for a gun and you have a modernised crime novel with revenge being the main motivator, instead of some cosmic prophecy.

Now onto you Olesia :tongue: You won’t like it.

I expect there to be alot of deaths in the last book, it’s a war. I can see several deaths of popular/like characters including at least one Weasley family member. (not Percy)

Snape is another one I expect to go, at the hand of Voldemort no less. Shame, Snape is in my top 3 faves. I can see many deaths.

Harry Potter is a 60/40 - I expect him to survive, but think he shouldn’t. So far he has survived on luck and being underestimated, not skill. I think it’s time he ran out of luck or made the ultimate sacrifice. Voldemort I believe will die regardless of what Harry does.

As I said earlier either Ron or Harry (probably Ron) must die before Dumbledor can die. Also, having the title character die at the end of a series is kind of a cliche, I hope JK can think of something a little more original.

I think Dumbledore is well and truely dead.

There was a 14th person at that table, his name was Peter Pettigrew. (or scabbers if you prefer)

Lol, you are right, I do NOT like it, but yeah I expect some people to die as well… now I don’t want to read the 7th book at all anymore haha. Weasleys might go, but with the risk of offending any big Weasley fans, none of the Weasleys ever played a very big part in the books. Even Ron, as Harry’s best friend, most of the time he was just “comic relief”… I’ve never gotten very attached to any of them anyway.

Snape will NOT go, because if he does, I do too lol. Not Snape prays. The way I feel about Snape… :love: . But seriously, he is such a great character, he doesn’t deserve to die… he’s so brilliant! I bet he could find a way out, he can do anything, as mighty, tallented and smart as he is! I really hope he does not die. But I don’t think he will either… I just have a feeling he won’t. He’s been too important in the last books for Rowling to just kill him off… she’s developed his character so much with all these stories of his background and childhood and especially in the “Half-Blood Prince”… it’s too much work to just kill him off at the end.

Voldemort has to die, otherwise there will be no end to the books.

I hope Harry does survive, just because he’s Harry, and I don’t really care if he survives by chance, luck or skill. He’s starting to grow on me and it would really be a shame if he died… and like I said before, it would be cruel of J.K Rowling to kill him. He has so many fans… I think she should really think about how killing him would make people feel, especially kids (and HP freaks like me hehe).

Uh…nevermind -.- …I’m sticking to what I said, though…:razz:

And like I said before, I’m really looking for a death between Hermione, Ron (just someone in the Weasely family, like DM said), or Hagrid :uh: