has any ever been in their favourite cartoon?

in their ld?

ive only had 1 ld so far btw but how did you guys do it and what cartoon was it?

it’s an interesting idea! :content:
i’m gonna try it in my next LD and post my results.
i guess i’m gonna try entering a Tom And Jerry cartoon :wolfbite: (reminds me of Spike)

I was in “The Simpsons” once (I also was Homer in another dream).
It is in my LD jurnal I think… :eh:

this might sound weird but i was in a cartoon LD where every hot cartoon character from all the cartoon shows was there, and well u can just guess what i did :wink: :tongue: :cool: :grin: :eek:

dang, whenever i try something like that i tend to get to excited and wake up :sad:

Im still working on entering the show Avatar in my dream

In my previous LD i was in a half real, half cartoon world! The people where real but there were cartoon dragons… wait… :eh: I TURNED INTO CARTOON DRAGON AS WELL AT SOME POINT!!! Oh yeah!! :cool:

I want to go in Sonic, that would rule.

I would want to enter Dragon Ball Z or Avatar. Avatar is kinda cool.

Im going to become a villian and take over cartoon world (where of course every cartoon character you can imagine lives at), and I will destroy EVERYONE! Bwahahahahahaha! Well, wish me goodluck!

Umm ok goodduck i mean luck

Yeah, ok, thanks i guess :bored:

lol, goodduck to you too, i mean luck :wink:

Ooo…entering into cartoons is fun, fun, fun, just the other night I had this LD, (the whole thing was this awesome, weird, random dream but I’ll just talk about the cartoon parts of it,) There was Katara for Avatar the Last Airbender, (I LOVE that show,) All of the Teen Titans, (I also love that show,) Most of the characters for Shaolin Showdown, some radom cartoon dinosaur, Elmo, Micheal Jackson, (yeah, I know he’s not a cartoon but he kept hanging around Elmo so I thought I should mention him,) Ben 10, The Brain, Spiderman, Eric Cartman and Kyle, just pretty much random characters from cartoons, I didn’t summon any of them though, they were just kind of there so I went with it, laughs I’ve visited pretty much every show I’ve ever watched though, great fun… :grin:

What i want to know, what is seeing a cartoon character in a dream look like? AAre they just flat? what happens if you walk around them? Do they look 3d? i guess ill have to experience it for myself…

No, they’re not flat but they’re not exactly totally 3D either, they’re kind of a mix between real life and whatever style they’re drawn in. Imagine a cartoon you like and picture what they would look like in real life and that’s how they look, (at least for me,) If you walk around them it’s just like walking around a real person, I don’t think I’m explaining this very well…yeah, you’re right, you do kind of have to experience it for yourself, (wow, I’m sure that was helpful, laughs)

that was very helpful, thanks. Thank you very much. I already have planned to be in a cartoon world in my next LD.

You’re so welcome! :slight_smile: I thought I wasn’t much help but that’s very nice of you, I wish you the best of luck with your dreaming! See ya! :content:

Thank you, i hope i have one tonight.

I had a dream with cartoon characters in it, if that counts…

They were characters from the anime “Bleach”. There was Rukia, Ichigo and Renji.

Just last night I had a dream with the Simpsons in it. Long story short, it involved demons, a submarine, jokes and general oddness.