Has anyone else experienced being trapped in LD?

Has anyone else experiences this:

Often I go into a very very deep LD, dark and frighting space. I am in complete darkness, a void. My conscious mind is awake, but my body is unresponsive. Its like I lost my ability to move see or hear. I feel trapped and it’s a true battle to wake up I often panic and fight tooth and nail to wake up. I thrash about, and yell out. I can not move PERIOD, and when I fight, I feel my energy literally draining out of me. Can last several minutes (or seems to be that long). When I do finally wake, or win the struggle due to adrenaline coursing through me, I am totally disoriented and completely drained, dizzy. My heart is racing. If my wife is awake, I ask her if she could see me thrashing about, or screaming out. She sees or hears nothing.


Everyone should develop a LD exit strategy. I can’t say I’ve had your experience. But I have been trapped in the occasional “annoying” LD experience.

Anyway. What I found in a LD is that if I relax, close my eyes and then open them VERY abruptly, I will wake. It works every time.

Why don’t you try this, or something like it, experiment a bit.

Doesn’t sound like you’re trapped in an LD but inbetween the transition of the waking and dreaming state. The description fits to what i have experienced, but i found out that i wasn’t dreaming yet.

Since you say you can’t hear?
Ill still ask, do you hear a high pitched noise if you are in this state sometimes.
or do you feel as if your body is boiling, or being schocked by electrical current (Fibrations allthrough out the body)

Do you still sense your heartbeat?
If any of the following fits your experience, you did not yet reach the dream state yet.
You are probably experiencing a deep trance where you still are half awake and are aware of your sleep paralysis (Which is why you can’t move)

You just have to keep calm, and keep trying to move, or as DrTechnical has said, do abrupt things like suddenly opening your eyes (You might even find yourself in a dream after success)

Hope this helps, Xaren.

Thank you Xaren, forgetting back to me. Means a lot, and is invaluable insight/info. I am new to here, and I have a lot more questions, if you’ll humor me, and don’t mind, as you are very knowledgeable.

I can definitely hear my heart (all be it, its pounding) and yes to the others you mentioned.

Sometimes I can catch myself before I fall into this trance like state. The best way that I can describe it when I catch myself, is like when your leaning back in a chair, and you’ve leaned too far, beyond the ability to catch/stop yourself from falling. The bounce, I call it. I shoot awake instantly, like i was just zapped.

Lastly, on a few rare occasions over the years. I have had this ‘Entity’ come after me so to speak, and it tries to drag me, is the best way i can describe it, further into the dark cold and scary abyss. I get a real bad vibe from this thing, and it feels like it’s pure evil. Whatever it is, it’s another even more scarier situation.


You probably mean like you are a Wave yourself? Like (Water waves of the See).

Yes this is a very scary experience, i know exactly how it feels.
The only tip i can give you is to conciously know that it IS a transition to the dreaming state. You should cherish it, learn to “look forward” To this kind of state.

Once it becomes to heavy (Which has happened to me too) just try to control your breathing so your heart wont skyrock, and just try opening your eyes slowly.

In any case, you are getting very close to mastering WILD :smile:
Once you can control the way of how you enter this state, and keep calm.
The only thing missing is that you go through, then you successfully did a WILD


Awe… OK… Now I am getting it… Thank you! I will take into account the information and suggestions and try to work on myself to better control my emotions and fear…

I have been mastering or honing my Lucid Dreaming for almost 4 years now ( I am 42). I appreciate the helpful suggestions and information, Xaren. I am self taught, an this is the 1st time I have gone in search of some concrete evidence, and or answers, and you are gracious enough to answer me, which I appreciate immensely! How long have you been working on Lucid Dreaming Xaren? And I have a few more questions and scenarios I'd like for you to review...

I have mastered Flight, and pretty much any form of control (being able to defend my self in a fight, like Bruce lee or the Matrix, provide my self with any weapon I want if there is a gun battle, or I just fly away, or use any super power I think of that suits the moment or scenario) while in lucid dreaming state. I really don’t like or want to hurt/kill any one or anything in Lucid dreaming state, as I have enough control to simply change the scenario or walk/fly away, I am in complete control 90% of the time.

I have read and found out, that Dreams will still play through like a movie, and there are certain elements that I can not control, yet!  Hard to make sense of what the movie is about. Generally for me, it always seems that I am on a task, or mission to accomplish what ever it is... Must have some sort of correlation to my real life, and I will have to do more research about the meanings of these dreams. I am not interested in this aspect of Lucid Dreaming, to try to find out what my dreams mean. I am wanting to figure out a few other things 1st, like below.

My most interesting Lucid dreaming lately, I was someone completely different, and I had all of their memories, and took over their consciousness it seemed. I was able to go through their memories, like their child hood, teen life, and even university. My appearance, when i looked in a mirror was even different, but I knew I was still me. Is this even possible?

I have also tried to question other people in my lucid Dreams, and get peoples real names, addresses and even the city they live in, as I want to see if they exist in the real world.  I can always remember everything, and aspect of my Dreams when I wake, with very great detail. Unfortunately, when ever I ask, they wont answer me, they walk away, or they just simply vanish or the scene changes and they are gone. I also try to look for certain land marks or street names, and I can not seem to get this information I am searching for. I am trying to make sense of it all, and to see if there is a Real connection to reality. I believe that when we dream, we all meet in this plane or reality and we are connected. DO you believe any of this Xaren, is it possible, and has anyone else ever tried and succeeded in what I am attempting to do, with making a connection to someone in Lucid dreaming that isn't just part of my dream or that my consciousness has made up, but are real people, in real life? 

I also want to start leaving the planet earth and to head out into deep space, and to attempt time travel, but I don't want to run off half cocked, and end up lost or in a coma, if that's even possible LOL.. I believe I am ready to start moving to the next levels or steps in Lucid dreaming... Or am I ready Xaren?

I am a Natural, i could lucid dream without practice, ive been doing it for almost my whole life.

Well, your control is better than mine, haha :content:
Then again, i am a simpleton, i always try to do the same thing.
Lucid dreaming has gotten a bit of a habbit, i can enter a lucid dream state whenever i hit REM sleep. Probably in occasions even when i do not have REM-Sleep

Great that you have that much control :smile:

This in most cases mean that you are not Fully lucid, but more into an Advanced-Semi-Lucid state, which means you are concious about dreaming, but you still semi-act as if you are just in a regular dream.

I believe that everything is possible in a Lucid dream, you just have to believe it.
Very interesting dream none-the less :smile:
Maybe you should put them on to your DJ so others can be inspired.

Hahaha, yeah i have tried exactly that too. But instead of them turning around and walking away, i usually wake up, as if im being blocked by something supernatural.

It fascinates me that you think EXACTLY how i do, i also believe that when we enter the Dream-world that we are actually connected to everything:

  • Connected to every exisitng timeline (My theory about not being able to get names and stuff is because: The system forbids it, probably because this person / character were talking too is not existant in our time-line or space-continuum, that if we would get information of them, that it would interupt our timeline or continuum)

  • Connected to every space-contiuum (I think even Aliens are also connected to the same contiuum and that they are masked by some kind of system in this dream world as human, and we are masked as Their species in their dreams.)

You are ready whenever you feel like you can do it, thats what lucid dreaming is for.
A world free of rules, created by your imagination.


It’s a nice feeling to be able to communicate to someone else who is on the same wavelength so to speak :smile:. You had stated that you wake up when you ask questions… interesting… I found that people become suspicious Instantly, and their moods and body language tell me I am not to know, and you saying it’s forbidden, has now made more determined than ever to break this barrier, if I can.

This WILD state that i enter, where I am fully awake, yet my body is asleep. Is it or can it be like the Construct, in the matrix movies? Sorry for such a reference, but if this is the case, then am I to embrace it, and begin to construct my questions more like of experiments… If so, i am going to start simple, with a place from my child hood memories (old stomping grounds)… Will keep you posted and thanks again for all of your responses and helping me to make sense of it all. I will do some more reading about WILD here on the LD4All site and abroad…

Here’s another question for you in the meantime: Have you ever tried to Hurt yourself, and succeed, while in LD or WILD? I know it’s not worded how I mean it. For instance lets say your falling off a building, which does happen to all of us from time to time.

Have you ever tried to go as far as you can before you jolt awake? For any other scenario that would relate to harm or danger coming to you? Also, have you ever drank alcohol, and gotten drunk while in LD?

I am (FINALLY) starting a dream journal. Being a tecky, I should have started on long ago… Plus I am going to try to conduct, record, and try various experiences, experiments and or trials to try to see if I can find out more… both with the WILD and LD states…

As for getting trapped in an LD, I have had that happen when I was younger. The only times I have purposefully exited a lucid dream, I did so by killing (or effectively killing) myself. I vaguely remember letting myself be eaten by something, and once letting myself be run over by a car.
Pragmatic, I know, but it worked for me well enough.
I would not purposefully do it now, however. The laser pistol in the dream might turn out to be the real pistol in the bedside table, or that false awakening a real awakening. I remember once punching something in a dream, which had manifested as a 100%, no-holds-barred punch at my bed-frame IRL.

That does, I suppose, answer your question about having hurt myself in LDs. When I woke up after getting eaten, I woke up around the time I would’ve been swallowed. Once my fate had been sealed. :razz:

First post

I figured as much, with regards to self harm… I have been doing a lot of reading today of various literature on all of this, and the WILD. Earlier I learned I have “Muscular atonia (paralysis) of REM sleep” when i was describing the paralysis i sometimes get. Read that on here LD4All

Well I am off to explore, and learn as much as I can. I will most definitely keep you posted. Especially on the breaking of this barrier or forbidden stuff with regards to making Real world connections to the LD state…



Hmm. I have had experiences similar to yours, Godata, but without the paralysis. I’ve had a number of imageless or nearly imageless LDs, in which I cannot feel my body and cannot hear or see a dream, and I’m in a void.

For me, the experiences haven’t been threatening, but simply interesting.

I can “move,” but I’m not aware of having a dream body. I do feel myself flying, I suppose, but see nothing and don’t make progress in any direction.

Sometimes, in these states, I see faint geometric patterns or blobs of color in the void but it isn’t phenomenologically like watching the space behind my closed eyelids (because I can’t feel my body in bed at all).

Up 'til now, I’ve generally thought of these as non-REM LDs. They do transition, sometimes, to either faint or full-color lucid dreams.

Is not a Dream state, is a transition. The colors you see are Hypnagogic.
I experience that almost everytime i do WILD.
It will disappear when you go a step further, and transcend to a Concious dreaming state (Lucid Dream)

It is the hardest step of WILD though.

Hi, guys! This being my first post on this wonderful forum, it seems. It was not very easy to register from Russia.))

Okay, to wake up quickly try moving your right big toe upward and downward concentrating on this action. In my case it helps escape 100% unpleasant dreams.

Just finished a Quick 30 Minute LD… Before falling asleep I told myself I would LD, and I did! And this time I decided to travel to the stars! it was amazing!.. I even flew to the sun… but it got too bright and hot to see, so I went back and found a water planet, which I flew around and examined, then I flew back to earth. The dream started off me walking in a park with some people in a park, and I instantly knew I was dreaming, and Took off like a rocket, and flew into space. Once I got back to earth after my space travel, I ran into this military flying vehicle, and I jumped on it, and i took me underwater… so I let go, and flew back to land. Where I was chased by two helicopters (military ones), and they could not catch me, as I flew circles around them! Got bored of that and woke up… I also asked everyone the time, before I flew away from the group of People I was in the park with, and all of there watches had no numbers on them… Which proves, there are certain aspects you can not get from LD… All in all it was an amazing experience… Next time I am going to question anyone I see as I still want to see if there is a link to the real world!

So far I only remember one case where I was lucid and wanted to wake up again. But it was just because I was stuck between buildings, couldn’t move or change anything until I decided that this LD was pointless and it was better to wake up. No panic or anything, but I was just stuck and had enough of it that moment :smile:

That’s so cool that you can Lucid Dream Without Practice Xaren :smile:

It actually is the hardest part. So many dreamers stumble on that part but the funny thing is if you know what to do only a split second is needed to make a transition.

If you would be so kind, what are your ways of making the transition?!

I usually go with the feeling, if I feel some funny body sensations that are more like spinning then I would roll over to my side and by doing that I would imagine myself in a dream, the same goes with sinking of floating sensations. The most uncommon and illogical is the one where I let myself fall asleep. I didn’t mention before but I always feel the peek of those sensations and in that moment I make a transition.

The very first time I made a transition was by consciously making the decision that I wanna fall asleep and be in a dream the next second because all the tries before I would come to this peek of sensations and I didn’t know what to do. When I didn’t do anything but just observing the feeling and sensations everything would succumb and I would be even more awake then I was when I went to bed.

So one night as I was repeating the history I just had it already and I decided that I will now, at that moment let myself fall asleep and be in a dream next next I opened my eyes and as I let myself fall asleep there was a blackout for a second and next thing I know I’m in a dream, extremely aware and lucid.

Few night in a row I did the same thing just to be sure that it wasn’t luck…

So what are your ways?!


When I was younger, I would get stuck in lds. I learned how to lucid dream from having nightmares and through that process learned to take control. As I exerted more and more control over the negative aspects of my dreams, they began to grow stronger. They become so strong that I was unable to wake myself up, thereby getting stuck in the lucid dream.

After quite a few terrible experiences like this, I came to the solution. Simply put, let go. Be content just being in the void while lucid. The void is a field of pure potential and if you can learn to remain calm in that state, many possibilities arise from that state of mind. So let your mind take you where it will. :smile:

When im in the state of transitioning, i usually somehow feel the point when i can just open my eyes and i have an aware false awakening.

Then it just starts.
Rarily, mostly when in Non-Rem this stage is even harder.
When WILDing in Non-Rem its usually very hard to get rid of the SP Going over in the dream, i can already see the dream (Opening my eyes, seeing parts of my bedroom) But when trying to force myself to go through the SP and standing up very slowly whilst controlling my breathing to slow down my heartrate i usually end waking up again.

When that happens i do have gained the ability to notice it quickly so i don’t open my eyes IWL.
I also don’t need any RCs i just know im in a lucid dream.