Has anyone heard of I-doser?

google idoser, please no links to sellers
I have all of the files, and i was trying the lucid dreaming one (dont worry i didnt spend 32030303 dollars i got them for free). Has any tried this and had any success? The one time i tried i didnt have an ld that night.

I tried a few of the doses, (I won’t divulge what they were, since it might go against forum guidelines) and it seemed to have a mild effect. This could just be placebo, though.

I’ve also tried a few doses (not the lucid dream one… the “drugs”), didn’t feel anything at all (and yes i was wearing headphones)… I only felt relaxed and alittle numb but that was because i had been laying down for 30 minutes relaxing without moving :tongue:

I think this is 99% placebo.

what is this thing?

I use it kinda frequently, both the mind state doses and also the drugs.
Iv’e got several years of experience with Brainwave Generator so I know this thing actualy suppose to work, and also my mind is kinda trained to absorb the sounds (It doesn’t work for an untrained mind) as you must concentrate on all the different sounds in the dose, and after you are able to do so, the doses will work.
For example, the Alcohol dose, after 10 minutes I always feel a bit weak, and after another 10 minutes I actualy feel almost all the stuff I get from taking a few shots of vodka.

For the lucid dose, not so lucky, as it just suppose to put your mind in the state where it can a bit easier realize it a dream.
There are other more useful doses to actualy assist in LD, such at Theta, Brain + and several others that can assist in getting an hypnotic state where you can apply several methods for autosuggestion.

the lucid dreaming one never really did much. it helped me relax, while keeping my brain going; but i think it kept my mind too awake, a distraction. a half hour isn’t really enough to get past the point of SP, for me.

generally after it was over, i’d take off the headphones and be annoyed because my mind was racing and my body was tired.

i actually had ‘decent’ results with theta and delta. not lucid dreaming, but a lot deeper trance than the lucid dreaming dose. try theta.

i tried the LD setting

maybe it would have worked if i could fall asleep fast enough

I listened to the LD one every night before bed for awhile it never worked. I think the OOBE and Astral Projection ones have potential.

I figured out that the alternatives in IDOSER must be chosen by each user depends on his state.
For people who just can’t WILD because they can’t fall asleep when thinking use Insomniac, it won’t cause you to fall asleep before you can concentrate on something but you will be extremly close to sleep.
Theta is good to people who want to use MILD.
People with a very good ability to concentrate should use DELTA to WILD very fast and so on.

I bought a pair of stereo earphones to use… Unfortunutly I got screwed and the earphones only plays mono sound.

Previously I have used I-Doser (with a working pair of earphones) and I got strong effects. I happen to be very susceptible for hypnosis and binaural beats.
I never got the chance to test the insomniac dose though (My sis’ plugged them into her computer and when she was going to plug it out she “accidentaly” ripped the whole cord out :sad:)

I have this to, and i feel the effects only when im on something lol. The lucid dream one though did not really do anything for me, i kinda think it is a scam, but it still is relaxing and sounds really cool.

I think BWGEN is probably a better option, as it is well established, and customisable to your needs.

And you can save the binaural beats to a wav file to use on your mp3. But I-doser has got some really strong doses though.

I got an effect right away at the main website when I listened to the song Peyote… I have some strange, spiritual connection with tribal, native American music… :content:

The titles of the songs make me laugh. :lol:

I have it, and a back-up of every dose so I can use them for free for the rest of my life. Never paid for it, never will.
Listening to it is funky, but I never had any worthwhile results.

I’ve also got back-ups of all doses, but personally I find BWGen to give the best effect, and it’s free :happy:

download a program called sbagen if you don’t want to pay. It is the original so your not stealing anything.