Has anyone noticed time moving faster

Q: Did you notice time is moving faster?
A: pasQuale just optimised the databases, that’s why you get the impression. :tongue: Now, seriously, you need to get out more. :razz:

Interesting. I don’t like many pseudo-scientific affirmations this article makes, Yanielle, establishing links of causality which are not necessarily right (for instance calling the SR an “Earth’s pacemaker”. It’s also based on a very weird premise — according to which the frequency has shifted whooping 3 Hz in a matter of ten years or so. From what I know, this isn’t possible even in case the frequency is extremely sensitive to global changes (plenty of which we’ve provided in those past few decades)… and in fact it’s not supposed to be that sensitive. (I’d like to emphasize this: 3~5 Hz is a lot in this context).

His conclusions are based merely on hypotheses which are nowhere near grounded. But! it is possible that, rather than “changing its frequency”, the resonance has changed its timbre, that is, that one of the modes in its spectrum has gained more volume over time. It is possible that this happened in resonance to changes from down here. In that sense, it’s not like we have a pacemaker and its broken, but rather like we have a big thermometer and it’s suddenly indicating fever.

That is to say: something might be causing this kind of massive phenomenon to act weird, and that something, cæteris paribus, must of course be us. So perhaps we’re causing something to the world which makes that resonance act weird. Perhaps that same something is what’s causing us to think time is moving faster. At any rate, I dare anyone to spend a month in Bahia and still claim time moves anywhere near fast. :tongue: Oh, how I miss that place!.. :razz:

When I first recieved this I looked it up for more information (in english)-got something very different which left me pretty confused. (language shouldn’t change the info at all…) I meant to get back to it but never did. Honestly hadn’t thought much more of it until I saw this topic on the forum…

So what you’re saying is that this is just made to look scientific but there isn’t enough real proof to make it “fact”; the pseudo science part. we’re damaging the world we live in to a point beyond repair, and thats not really a question. But there isn’t much root in what he says… At the same time, there probably is something that the people are doing that is messing up the resonance and it may be making us think that time is moving faster…

Bahia, huh? Thats a region of Brazil… Think I’ve heard of it at some point. What’s it like?
Brazil is actually on my “go before I die list” hope I can make it sometime soon! :smile:

Yes, I’m basically criticising two things: first, reports on that frequency shift are nowhere else to be seen, which makes me doubt the frequency shifted at all — which is not to say nothing happened, that being why I put forward the possibility that rather than the frequency having changed (which would have been quite an alien phenomenon), the composition of its spectrum ( = its timbre) changed.

The second thing I questioned is the causality: whatever co-relation you point out between “world resonance” and “time moving faster” has to be pondered and grounded, and the one that article suggested was neither. It threw some factoids together to make it somewhat credible that a natural electromagnetic phenomenon has influence in our perception of time. I said that it was way more likely that there was something (say, modern life — with all its messing with the environment and whatnot) causing both, our altered perception of time and the changes in the ionosphere.

You know the coconut-beach paradise stereotype people have about Brazil? Well. Not all of Brazil is like that, I’m afraid. But! Bahia — Bahia is that stereotype. And much more. It’s the land where time stops and all is bliss. :cool:

“Brazil is on my list” sounds funny. I’m tempted to ask back: which one? It’s a bit like saying “Europe is in my list” or “the United States are in my list” — there are just so many!..

No, time is completely different than speed. It takes the Earth a year to revolve around the sun though and that is a measurement of time.


you could however find the time it takes the earth to go around the sun by substituting the speed for S and distance for D. I think that is what you were talking about…but that would just be a unit of measurement for time.

Time IS moving faster, it’s if we’re gonna crash into 2012!
I have evidence too. I played a 2-minute song(metroid prime prolouge, which is 1:48 )
anyways, I timed the song to the internet clock when BAM! Just after the song finshed, 3-minutes went by. I have no idea what to think. I double checked everything!

well yeah if you start playing a 2 minute song on the moment a clock goes to ‘.10’ then at the end of the song it will jump to ‘.12’ which is the third minute… no surprise there.

No but seriously guys, if time would move faster/slower, which could be possible due to the earth starting to move in a different pattern, and more likely our solar system, galaxy or even cluster starting to move differently, the it would move faster/slower everywhere on earth, so we wouldn’t be able to tell, it wouldn’t make any difference. If time moves faster/slower for you it also moves faster/slower for your clock.

I believe this is more on perception of time, which is irrelevant. I don’t think time would change too much, too fast. Geologically, 10 years is a second, a moment, not long enough to think a thought. If it was going faster, it would be too small to tell, a minuscule fraction of a second every so often.

you are right, the week and years seem to go by wayyy faster than normal. hell a normal day to me seems like 5 minutes… :bored:

I thought that’s what Einstein’s theory of relativity was all about. Time and speed is connected. I like how the thread starter kinda described it. It much reminds me of the things that use to be in malls, no idea what they’re called. You’d put your penny in the ramp and let it go. It rolled around in that huge funnel like thing and as it got closer to the hole it just went faster and faster until it inevitably fell into the hole.

I think the time seemingly going faster has simply something to do with people aging and the perception of the grand scale of time changing. (eg. Crafting a chair seems to take the same amount of time but the overall years just zip by faster and faster.)

My motto: “Blink once and you’ll be 10 years older… blink twice and you’ll be dead…” :grin:

I pity your eyes vbflame :tongue:

Einstein pretty much hit it on the head with time being relative. And not just empirical evidence of it, human perception of it as well. I feel it’s passing faster as well, i just put it down to being older. By the time i’m 70 odd years old i’ll probably be at vbflame’s stage :bored:
A blink and a year goes by, with your mind circling in familiar patterns, not giving a thought to “bigger” thoughts.

It IS going faster! I’ve taken tests! I played a 2 minute song and 3 minutes went by!
I’ve also winessed the sun moving quite fast. This has started since the 2010 summer… that’s when I noticed actually.

EDIT: Holy crud I already said this!

I do feel like time is moving by faster, but I think that is just because I have just been grinding lately (for all of you gamers out there) and I haven’t been paying attention to much, so it all gets into an indistinguishable blur in which days and weeks go by at the same speed.

Feel the same way, but now since I will be going back to Lucid Dreaming again I think it will change, if it does not, then I must say that it is weird… :meh:

time for me fluxuates or however youy say it depends sometimes five minutes in one room is like five hours in the other math class mainly.

About a half our from now, which its currently 11:23 PM 6/24/11, its going to be the next day! Yay!
But really, time is moving a bit faster. Im noticing this during the day when I eather:
Play Minecraft
Go outside and bike
Play Team Fortress 2.
Time is going faster definantly (well it feels like it).

Yeah I noticed that too, one second it’s 10 PM, next it’s 1 AM :content:

Sounds pretty normal. I mean, the Uber update just kinda of got me to no life this already me alreayd no lifing this game (did that make any sence at all?)

Absolutely! I think its called “Time Distortion”…