Has anyone seen Jack? Edit: due to lack of internet access

I must say i miss him, as he not been in either chatroom or forum for months, which is unlike him… “Last Visit: 22 May 2006”

Edit: I talked to him. He has not had much internet access for the last few months, other than for the occasional mail and such.

I noticed a few weeks ago that he hadn’t been around much, I don’t know where he is though.

His username is “Jack” or what?

It’s funny how BenDrummin wrote some classic very helpful stuff and pissed off when he got asked a few questions.

Seems he’s still active on his online album site (link in the alphabetical picture thread), so maybe he just lost interest?


I talked to him yesterday. He apparantly dont have much internet access for the moment, other than for the purpose of a short email and so on. He said i should give his greetings to all who know him and that he might be back in the near future.

Good to hear that :smile: