Has anyone trained sports wise during dreams

I know dreams produce a physiological response, what I am curious about is the extent of this response, can you actually train to get better at a sport, involving reflexes. Could you slow down your body, and time, and learn the correct position of the body at a certain time.
Note:I do this already while awake, slowing down an event afterwards to process it, I was just wondering whether anyone has had experience with this in LD’s.

i think this is in EWLD but i found it at this site for good measure. the dream was likely non-lucid, but should be pretty convincing. check fourth from the bottom or so…

brilliantdreams.com/product/ … dreams.htm

i haven’t personally tried this is an LD, but LDs usually relax me throughout the day, so the positive effects carry over and sports are easier, i think more clearly, etc.

this is actually something i discovered even before i heard laberge studied this, i call it lucid training for lack of a better word, im sure someones created a better name for it, but hey.
the whole point of lucid training is to literally train while lucid, but this isn’t limited to simple techniques, like where to place your feet.

as long as you have the physical capacity to do what your training to do, and as long as what your doing is completely capable in the real world, you will actually gain the ability to what you were training to do. (if your training with a sword in a dream, you will not gain the ability to swing faster, but if your training with a sparring partner, you will gain hand eye coordination, technique, etc.)

long story short, doing something realistic in a lucid dream will give you some experience in the activity, as long as you have the physical capacity to do that activity in real life.