Has anyone tried this?

has anyone try to enter a parralel universe in a LD?

try it out

I have actually. If you have played Zelda, a link to the past. I used that mirror thing. :smile: . It work pretty good actually. everything warps and you get the rarrrarrrarrr sound.

Awesome :smile: i might try

Sound like a cool (but weerd) idea. I will try this out once I get LD’s more often.

i think it would be neat going to one where you dont exist…

whoa… could that wake you up? haha. If you don’t exist would you see blackness, or just wake up? :eek:

I meant more like, so you can see what everyone’s life would be like without you…

Haha, that is a good idea!

Or what about an alternate reality where everyone you know had their gender switched? Like, if your mom had been born a male, but with similar genetics.

Or what about a reality where you are Chuck Norris?

Chuck Norris is overrated!

You should just be Gaspode the Wonder Dog.

ive done that, quite interesting messes with your mind even more, lot of fun reccomend it for sure

Certainly a good idea when you want to try out something totally new … jots it down in his mind