Has everyone lost there mind? (chain mail)

Whats the deal with this stupid chain maile going around now?

You’re going to have to be more specific. Chain mail is nothing new, and I dare say we’re going to see it for quite a while to come. A good portion of it (at least the email variety) is propagated due to a lack of technical understanding among most of the recipients. If the email claims that you’ll be rewarded with a cool animation or video when you forward a message on to at least 10 friends, a lot of people will happily oblige without realizing that it isn’t even possible for any such reward to suddenly present itself. So, they’re forever sending out silly messages with instructions for you to help spread them around even faster.

Is there a specific message you’re talking about here?

Its the one talking about some girl that was killed in 1945. Your suppose to send it to 3 other people, or her ghost will take your sole.

Chain mail is a way for people who feels left out to feel included.

Immature people tend to be the ones who start it, and its usually because they came across someone else’s chain mail and though ‘Hey, I have enough brain cells to make up a lame story and tell people they will die horribly if they don’t spread it!’.

Ignore them.

What I like to do is send a message to the person who sent me the chain mail, mocking them: “Oh no! I’m going to die! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!” etc, etc.

It is generally very effective in getting it to stop, I’ll tell you.

“In 1945, a young girl named katu lata kulu came over to America in a grey boat from Africa. A mysterious man killed her by cutting the word “LATUALATUKA” into her back. now that you have read this message, she will come to your house on a full moon and steal your soul.”

I suppose that’s the message you’re referring to. I’ve yet to see it in email form, but plenty of people are posting it as comments to YouTube videos. I’m more afraid of people who believe this nonsense than I am of the message itself.

No it isn’t.

Ahh yes, chain mail, I’ve been getting it every now and then since probably 1998. After you read the retarded stories it makes some kind of threat towards your sexuality or health unless you forward it to x many other people. Ooh :anx:, now I’ve done it…I’ve awakened the wrath of the mystical internet voodoo!



…latualatuka?..c’mon, are you serious?..:roll: Deep six that thing.

Ill read it foward, and backwards while dancing around a fire, and I still dont feel the need to send it. Atleaste I hope nothing happens to me on the next full moon. When is the next full moon?

Next full moon is February 2nd, according to this site. Ten days from now. Hey, at least she gives you a little longer to live than the girl in The Ring. :tongue:

Good I can still get some things done before she comes for my damned sole.

Yeah. I gave up on chain letters. Cuz one of them once asked me what my favorite number is. So I said 9999 because it is the most awesome damage to deal in a final fantasy game. I love the “all nines” thingy. Then it said.

Your favorite number: Send this message to the number of people that is your favorite number listed above.

So I said **** that. :slight_smile:

And I hate that annoying ass 1945 one too. its such a super pain in my ash.

My gmail automatically filters out chain mails, and I don’t open emails from people I don’t know or consider to be retarted.

Gawd, I dislike chain mails. I usually reply with this story I found in a blog:

Hello, and thanks for reading this mail. You see, there’s a hungry, little boy in Southern Baklaliviatatlaglooshen that neither has arms, legs, parents or goats. This little boy’s life can be saved! Each time you forward this mail, a small amount of money will be donated to the little hungry boy from Southern Baklaliviatatlaglooshen, with no parents, no arms, no legs and no goats. And, remember that we have absolutely no possibility of counting how many times this mail has been forwarded, so all this is just made up. Now, go on, send this mail to 5148 persons within the next 47 seconds. And a little reminder, if you’re unfortunate enough to send this mail to 4 or 9 persons, you will die immediately. Thanks again!

That will keep 'em quiet for a while :razz:

Haha, good answer tunnel xD

Chainmails are annoying :meh:

I never get these nasty versions … but the ones I do get I ALWAYS just delete :ebil:

lol tunneltak that’s a good chain letter right there…

the simple answer to chain mail is to just ignore them… typically if there is a “RE: blablabla” in the title of the mail and its not an actual reply from something you sent then just delete it…

chain letters play on peoples emotions, but they are so stupid I want to hit anyone in the head who feels the urge to pass it on!

I thought it isn’t “RE: blablabla” but “FW: blablabla” but it’s the same thing. Ignoring is indeed the best thing, or you could just ask the person not to send any anymore. I mean most chain letters I got where from people I knew. How else did they have my e-mail address? But I haven’t gotten any in a while, and if I do receive one I just remove it.

My favorite chain e-mail is the Burlap Boy one. They give this story about a child born without a body, so the doctors attatched his head to a burlap sack. It’s hilarious, but it’s downright frightening that it’s been in circulation for so long… people must really be afraid of thinking.

Amen. It truly is frightening. It provides some serious insight into how stupid and gullible (generally) we really are.
I personally make a point of NEVER passing on chainmail, even the guilt-trip you’re-not-my-friend-if-you-don’t-pass-this-on kind of chains. The only ones I ever forward are some of the humorous ones, but only if they are genuinely funny, and that’s rare.