Has LD4all helped you? you can help LD4all! :)

Thank you Marvin for your generous donation, and thank you for donating each year :thumbs:

:peek: should I start making the donation badges again so you can have a collection of them in your signature?

I’m not doing it for badges but to help this wonderful community. So if you think it would motivate other people to donate as well, then it might be worth it. But I don’t want anything just for show :wink:

I donated !
I never donate at anything (nearly) but i couldn’t resist :tongue:
i’ve put extra cents so that paypal doesn’t take too much :happy:

Your welcome :smile:

Thank you, Samyten !

I’ll add you to the list of sponsors soon :smile:

It’s been a little over a year since I last donated. Sorry for the long delay.

Much appreciated, Fate! :smile:

Ill add you to the donor list soon :smile:

Thank you Sliph for your donation :smile: and Fate, adding you right now :grin:

A small something to say thank you for all the insight iv’e gained through being a part of this community.

Happy dreaming :happy:

Thank you very much Aalexx, much appreciated!

Well, that reminded me that I somehow haven’t donated since that first time. (unles I did and forgot) so this is long overdue. This is for everything LD4all has given me. Thank you Qu, and all the mods, for everything you’ve done and the care you’ve put into this fantastic community. I’ll continue to give back whatever I can!

WoW Ebil :thud: thank you so much. Very much appreceated!

Update: I gave less than I meant to, damn conversions, anyway I’ve corrected that now!


What? :happy:

You know what :tongue:
first donation was already :thud: so if you increase it I can only add :eek:

Thank you!

pfft, no need for thanks at all, this doesn’t even start to payback everythign the forum has done for me and so many others ^^

Hope that helps some. Gotta keep those servers running.
Thanks for everything. Found this again after ~4 years (college) and I’m as psyched as ever.

Thank you Dreamjutsu, much appreciated! server costs are high as ever and can’t cover it from the ads alone. I don’t want to plaster the site with ads (which most of you block anyway :tongue:), and want to keep LD4all free, so your donation really helps!

Happy to help! This place has helped me immensely in the short time I’ve been here. I’ll try to remember to contribute whenever I can :smile:

Thank you so much Glypheye! Much appreciated! :smile: