Has LD4all helped you? you can help LD4all! :)

Thank you Dreamjutsu, much appreciated! server costs are high as ever and can’t cover it from the ads alone. I don’t want to plaster the site with ads (which most of you block anyway :tongue:), and want to keep LD4all free, so your donation really helps!

Happy to help! This place has helped me immensely in the short time I’ve been here. I’ll try to remember to contribute whenever I can :smile:

Thank you so much Glypheye! Much appreciated! :smile:

Well the chat is pretty dead as usual , but the community is nice .
I finally found a place where I could belong , so yeah, it helped.


I made a little donation but forgot to add a little message to it. Just because I made a donation doesn’t mean that I am an addict though. Because I am not an addict. :yes:

A little you call that :eek: :thud:
Thank you very much mew! I deduced it was you from the email address :grin:

Thank you Dreamjutsu for another donation! :thumbs: (And congrats on your LDs :happy: )


Think I might make this a regular thing, but it probably won’t go above that amount, need to keep it small for stability. XD

:hugs: :ebil:

:hugs: :love:

Now to maintain my manliness

:ebil: :ebil: :ebil: :ebil: :ebil: :ebil:

I’ll donate when I reach two LD per week! I promise!

Thank you sliph for you donation and kind message :smile: much appreciated

cool !

I did a small donation as well :smile:
I guess that now I can WILD pretty much as I want, as long as I have a bit of time in the morning, so for everything that this website has brought to me over the last years, thank you! :happy:

Thank you koal44! Glad you posted here, i was wondering who it was from! :smile:

Many thanks pseudos for your generous donation!

Will do