Has LD4all helped you? you can help LD4all! :)

Hey, I didn’t notice the donation situation till now. Bank account is a little low at the moment, but I will try and contribute soon!

When i got the cash, and a few more clear LD’s, i’ll donate :razz:.

hahaha…Adderad wants his moneys worth :tongue:

Ah… I like to donate some money. But I still didn’t got my bank account in mah hands. :\

Thank you BaYoNeTTe ! :happy:

No icon to put in the sig for the 2010 sponsors? :roll:

I hadn’t planned on making icons, since I don’t do yearly fundraiser anymore, but if you like an icon I can make you one :grin: Will have to wait until I’m less busy though :bored:

If you didn’t plan to make a lil’ icon and moreover you’re busy, then don’t do it, it was not important at all. :wink: Thank you anyhow for proposing it. :smile:

You asked for our forum username in the payment, but I didn’t see that option… so here’s an FYI that you’re getting something from over here. :peek:

Thank you so much! I wondered who you were :smile: I’ll add your name to the sponsorpage when I’m on a computer again :smile:
much appreciated! :yay:

When I have my first lucid dream I will donate $10USD. I know it is not a lot, but every little helps. This is a promise.

I will be more then happy to give. I owe alot to this forum both for my LDing, and the moral support you guys have given me. I get payed in two weeks. Please PM me incase I forget, because I am forgetfull like that. Plus given the fact that you put up with my insain brain without banning me. LOL

Hey pasQuale you are from Holland?!

Tof… :razz:

But I’ll think about donating when I have some more LD’s, I’m still sure I’ll get one soon !

For the gratitude I feel towards this site and all its users :wink:

If I get this Flash job I interviewed for, I’ll donate… :nerd_face:
If not, it’ll be one of these days… 12+ years, I probably owe 'ya! :tongue:

In the meantime, I did have an idea for you… I put a little LD4All patch on my avatar the other day and thought you might be able to sell real world ones as a fund raiser. They’re pretty cheap to manufacture, and would work like business cards if people put 'em on backpacks and such. Just an idea – there might be a place like CafePress where you could offload it onto a third party so you wouldn’t personally have to handle orders and such…

Thank you for that tip dunlar :smile:
We have LD4all buttons and stickers in the LD4all store in the meantime :grin:

Thank you, much appreciated :smile:

There should be a small contribution on your account tomorrow. Veel plezier ermee. :seer:

Thank you in advance! :happy:

Got it :smile: Much appreciated! :content: