Has this been keeping me from a LD? (was this an LD?)

since ive known about LDs, ive thought about a dream i once had, but since i didn’t want it to be my first LD (since it was so lame, a dumb reason i know). i keep telling myself it wasn’t and i think it may be the reason i can’t seem to ge a LD.

i can’t remember it that well now, but i know that day i had to get up early, and in the middle of the dream (i think it was some sort of odd party at my house in the middle of the day, i think there was a lizardman 0_o) i suddenly said “wait a sec, i shouldn’t be sleeping, I HAVE TO GET UP!” then i saw this big white circle and litteraly jumped out of my bed awake.

would that be a lucid dream? perhaps this crazy thing has been in my concious keeping me from truely getting a LD…

I know exactly what your talking about because almost the EXACT same thing has happened to me a few times when I was younger.

I wouldnt call it a lucid dream, but it is very close. If you had of done a reality check after saying that and confirmed that you were dreaming, it would have been an LD.

there’s a huge thread no more than 5 threads above yours with exactly the same topic name. and it’s stickied. :wink:

Yes indeed. :content: Because of the title, I hesitated to merge it, then I thought that the real question was not “was this a LD?” but “has this thing been keeping me from getting a LD?”

Ledgem, I don’t think there are clues enough to decide if it was a LD or not. It looks more like a false awakening. Why do you think it could have kept you from having LD’s?

since ive known of LDs, and at first wanted full control, i kept telling myself that it couldn’t be a LD, i guess i wanted my first to be really good… i know thats improbable now, but i still kept telling myself it was just a normal dream. im also desprate for a LD right now, so i thought maybe if i finaly asked and found out, i would end up miraculasly reaching lucidity. turns out i was wrong… meh, i’ll find something, i WILL get a LD!

That’s perhaps a better reason why you don’t have LD’s. Accept them as they come. You always can make progress later. :wink:

How could that have been a false awakening?

Its just short of a LD in my opinion because for some reason or another you acknowledge its a dream, but if you didnt wake up you probably wouldnt be sure enough that it wasnt real life, you would just be supprised at what you said.

I’ve had the exact same thing happen to me a few times, except without the white circle that you saw.

Title changed! I was about the merge it, but then I saw Basilus’ comment. :content:

Well, based on how it looks, it’s probably a FA. Maybe I’m just tired… Can you rephrase what happened?

Ah, I see what he means.

Basically, he’s saying that during his dream, he had the realisation “Hey, I have to wake up early today, I shouldn’t be sleeping!”. He immediately woke up and jumped out of his bed.

I would call this a very minor amount of lucidity, not a Lucid Dream but a state of awareness in your dream. I often realise I’m dreaming RIGHT before I wake up. I don’t count that as a lucid dream, but of course I’m no expert, maybe someone else with some more experience could back me up a bit here, just to make sure y’know?

i’d call it a lucid moment, i’ve had one once, the one with the report card(some people should remember, no use posting the whole thing tho) when i thought i have to wake up to rate my dream and i did so.
so that’s my final word :tongue:

I get those. Once, in a particularly stupid moment of half-lucidity, I realized the armed helicopter chasing me into my house was part of a dream. I decided that I would wake up as soon as I slammed the door and was “safe” inside. I should have realized that since this was a dream, I was in no danger and I could take control of the situation.

Next time…