Has this ever happened to you?

There is a place or a building that you know off but you have never stepped inside it and have no idea how it looks inside. But one time, you dreamt of stepping inside the place or building and viewing how it looks inside. Then when you really step into the place in reality, you find out that it is exactly the same as that of your dream.


It cant happen. If you havent been there or even seen it, you cannot create it realistically in your mind. Maybe youll see another place familiar to you, or invent something up.

Has it happened to you?

Well, it could be something like remote viewing (or remote dreaming I guess it would be in this case). Don’t exactly remember how remote viewing is supposed to work, but supposedly you can see other places with it, without ever having been there (it’s a psychic ability).

Or, you know, it could just have been a coincidence. A lot of places and buildings look similar… or, you might have been there when you were younger, and you just forgot ever being there. You’d be surprised at how good your subconscious is at remembering forgotten stuff in your dreams.


I dreamt of a store room in the upstairs/staff only section of a small store in my town several years before I got a job there. You can find the dream in part 2 of the big precognitive dreams topic.

They say that entanglement could possibly explain remote viewing. It is connection between two particles over any distance or something. I don’t remember very well. The question is how many connections would be needed to produce an acurate “viewing” of another place?

This just sounds so strange, would rock to experience it though :cool_laugh:

Oh, god yes!!

I live in Arizona, and I dreamt about this house that I just briefly ran through. Turns out when I went to one of my relative’s house in the Philippines, it was EXACTLY THE SAME.

I don’t know how, though… I’ll try and find the dream later and post it here.