Have I become "immune" to lucid dreaming?

I recently got back into lucid dreaming after taking a little break, and this time around it seems as if my body DOES NOT want to lucid dream. When I set my alarm clock to wake me up twice during the night for WBTB’s, I either don’t hear it (even though it is quite loud), or I turn it off and just go back to sleep normally, which I can’t help doing. When I wake up in the morning, I get angry with myself for not even trying to lucid dream, which seems impossible when I actually wake up in the night. I keep a dream journal, and my dreams aren’t getting any vivider. Here are absolutely NO dream signs in any of my dreams. Any advice on how toget back in the game?

Stop telling yourself you can’t get up in the morning, because you can and are choosing not to.

Move your alarm to the other side of your room if you seriously can’t take it. Then add in a second alarm if you still can’t take it. Then force yourself to go to the bathroom no matter how you feel if you still can’t take it. Just don’t mindlessly go back to sleep.

I know what you mean. I DO tell myself that I need to wake up when my alarm goes off, but when the moment actually comes, there is no motivation whatsoever, even though during the day, I’m very motivated. And, I can’t move my alarm clock to the other side of the room because I share my room. I’m gonna try letting it ring a little bit longer to wake me up, so I can effectively WBTB

Ah, you’re just having a little dry spell ~ Just remember there are other techniques you can go for if that alarm clock problem is stopping you from WBTB. But its good that your motivation is up. Maybe try auto suggestion with your alarm clock? "I will wake up in __ hrs ". It’s worth a shot. :razz: Also, some people just don’t have dream signs, I’m on the same boat. Good luck, hope you find a solution to that problem!

Thats what I experience at the moment :razz: that my body refuses to go into sleep mode in WILD, that possible DS targets are always missed, despite that my mind is actually set on becoming lucid :tongue:

Yeah this is weird because whenever I take a break and get back into it, it’s never really a problem. I’m gonna Autosuggestion and see how that goes :smile: