Have you ever woken up and done something stupid?

This hasn’t really happened to me, but I do remember it happening to my dad once. I had just bought the game stratego and had just beaten my mom. My dad was just waking up from a nap at this time, so I walked up to him and told him I had won. He responded by saying something about “the market card.”

Brilliant! :happy: :tongue:

There was also this time, I woke up remembering a dream and thus I made a note.
In the morning I looked back at it to see: ‘Animal free room’. I was thinking like: what the…? :bored: I Couldn’t figure out at all what it had to mean! :tongue:

One time I was in a dream and I guess I was pissed for some reason. I go to say f*ck, and a split second before I say it, I was back in the real world, and the word still came out, and loud… ><
I don’t think it woke anyone up though.

Once I dreamed there was a giant wasp and when i woke up i was scared it was still there when i woke up. In a dream i had a mobile phone(which i wish i did have) and it took me until the middle of the day to realise i didn’t have one and then i was miserable again.

What the… how could that happen? :eh:

well in the middle of the day i saw someone with their mobile and i thought i wish mine was as good as that (in the dream it was an old phone), then i thought what kind of phone is mine? and then i remembered i didn’t have one.

It has happened to me a few times the one that stands out the most was when i was younger and still in school. I had fell asleep on a Saturday at around noon and woke up at like 7 p.m I got up and got dressed put my backpack on my shoulder and started to leave the house for the school bus. My mom just stared at me like i was stupid till i realized what i had done x.x

I’ll just tell you this:

Keep my cell phone FAR AWAY when I’m asleep. I’ve had GIANT conversations of wich I can’t remember a thing because it all happened in the middle of the night, when someone woke me up by calling me. The next morning I would hear “so, what about that thing you said last night?”…
Well, there’s a lot of other stupid stuff I do, but I can’t remember right now…

At least is funny!

Once I dreamed that I had around 5000 bucks on my bank account, guess if I was dissapointed when I realized I only had 80 :sad:

I dreamt very much times that a baby brother of me got born, that I felt in love and stuff like that. It was very dissapointing when I woke up. :neutral: But I never was disappointed when I woke up from a dream in wich I had very much money, because I do not like money all that much.

I woke up once after being in a long dream fight with my very longterm girlfriend. I woke her up to ask her more details of the argument (she admitted to cheating on me in the dream). She thought I was crazy because she would never cheat on me (honestly) and I would never have suspected her of cheating on me.

In fact, it was so strange to me in the dream that she would admit something like that that I almost became lucid. It was like a RC without me even doing anything (but I was too pissed to perform a RC).

ohhhhhhh yeah. once, i woke up at 2 in the morning, and i took a shower, got my school uniform on, and ate breakfast before i realized a)it was 2 in the morning, b)it was a sunday, and c)my uniform was on backwards.
i figured i was just REALLY tired…

Once i woke up at 12:30 and starting tidying a cupboard drawer. Only later did i realise the time and go back to sleep.

and(i’m not sure if this counts, it’s probably just me being EXTREMELY tired, but…), almost every morning, i run into my door because i’m positive i had left it open the night before(which was probably always just a dream…)
it hurts, too

Ive fallen asleep at 8am and woke up at 9am but for some reason thought it was 9pm and I started to panic because I thought I had slept the whole day, lol

i had somthing like that, i fell asleep with my clothes on the couch and when i woke up it was like 2:00 am and i just went to my bed. then i woke up again and took my pants on then i woke up again and took of my shirt and put on my shorts. i was like why did i do that. then i woke up agian and started running around the house i just stared at doors and wonderd what to do, i felt like i was still asleep tho

One time i went to sleep (well, it was a nap) at like 4 in the after noon, and i woke up at like six and i thought it was the next day. :confused: i was messed up.

I woke up on a Sunday morning and I couldn’t figure out what day it was and thought it was Monday, so I started to rush to get ready for school.

Here’s an awkward one.

Once, I got up around 2 or 3 in the morning, walked through the house to my parents’ bathroom, and left a chunk of human waste on their clean floor. I then proceeded to sit on the toilet seat and stare at the wall for about five minutes before my dad woke up (I had turned the light on) and scared me into wakefulness as soon as he saw what I’d done.

Thankfully, I can write it off as childishness since I was like seven… XD But I’ve woken up nearly unclothed in front of my dresser once recently, wondering if I should wear a third pair of socks over the other two… I’m glad my parents didn’t walk in on that one.

Not really, but my brother woke up once he was real tired, and for some reaoson he pulled down his pants and peed on the stairs! :eh: