Have you ever woken up and done something stupid?

Has that ever happened to you and you did something really stupid? It has to me many many times.

Today I woke up at 5.00 and was convinced that i was at work (i have a summer job) and my job was to lie down on the bed and stay awake. :tongue: I was acting so weird that I wasn’t even able to check the time from my clock which was on the wall. Finally, I snapped out of it, looked at my alarm clock, and realized it was 5.30. :eh:

Has something sort of like that happened to anyone else?

Fortunately not often, though this feeling of disorientation and overall grogginess sometime happens to me. I remember that a phone call had woken me up from a nap. It was my boss and during the whole call I desperately tried to get my brain working and understand what did he want. After finishing the call and recovering from this terrible state I had to call back and do some explaining. I was technically awake, but simply unable to think coherently.


I did that alot, but now, I can remember that one time I was woken up and asked did I get some sleep that night I have a habbit of staying up all night talking to Kuro, or something and I supposedly replied, “I’m sleeping now.”

I have no idea why XD

I was sleeping and having a nightmare I was waking up from that and out of the blue the power cut waking up from my dream I thought I was still in it and ran downstair’s in the dark the front door was open cause at the time it was damaged but that just added to me feeling like I was still in my dream.

Ah. I remember. I was sleeping on the couch at my sisters place in the daytime. And woke up. I distinctly heard buzzing, and I was convinced there was a wasp in there that was trying to get in under my blanket. I complained about this when talked to, i then discovered they were watching The Fly.

I cannot wait till something like this happens to me. Sounds like fun. :content:

This has happened a lot to me. :sad: I wake up during the night and do something, only to think it was a dream the next morning.

One time I woke up and tried to open my bedroom door. It was locked like normal, but I was convinced it was broken. So I kept trying to open the door by hitting the door knob. Then my dad came and told me to go back to sleep.

This one is disgusting. :sad: I threw up in this state and managed to walk to the bathroom. There i tried to get all of the vomit off of me. Then all of a sudden the drowsiness went away. I was like “Wtf is this on my arm?!” Then I went into my bedroom and saw I actually did throw up. It was so nasty. :yuck:

Wow. :content:

I now remember I have had this sometimes, but not too big. Like when I was sleeping and I was told dinner was ready but I said I didn’t want to eat. And later on, I could not remember a thing from what I said!

This hasn’t really happened to me, but I do remember it happening to my dad once. I had just bought the game stratego and had just beaten my mom. My dad was just waking up from a nap at this time, so I walked up to him and told him I had won. He responded by saying something about “the market card.”

Brilliant! :happy: :tongue:

There was also this time, I woke up remembering a dream and thus I made a note.
In the morning I looked back at it to see: ‘Animal free room’. I was thinking like: what the…? :bored: I Couldn’t figure out at all what it had to mean! :tongue:

One time I was in a dream and I guess I was pissed for some reason. I go to say f*ck, and a split second before I say it, I was back in the real world, and the word still came out, and loud… ><
I don’t think it woke anyone up though.

Once I dreamed there was a giant wasp and when i woke up i was scared it was still there when i woke up. In a dream i had a mobile phone(which i wish i did have) and it took me until the middle of the day to realise i didn’t have one and then i was miserable again.

What the… how could that happen? :eh:

well in the middle of the day i saw someone with their mobile and i thought i wish mine was as good as that (in the dream it was an old phone), then i thought what kind of phone is mine? and then i remembered i didn’t have one.

It has happened to me a few times the one that stands out the most was when i was younger and still in school. I had fell asleep on a Saturday at around noon and woke up at like 7 p.m I got up and got dressed put my backpack on my shoulder and started to leave the house for the school bus. My mom just stared at me like i was stupid till i realized what i had done x.x

I’ll just tell you this:

Keep my cell phone FAR AWAY when I’m asleep. I’ve had GIANT conversations of wich I can’t remember a thing because it all happened in the middle of the night, when someone woke me up by calling me. The next morning I would hear “so, what about that thing you said last night?”…
Well, there’s a lot of other stupid stuff I do, but I can’t remember right now…

At least is funny!

Once I dreamed that I had around 5000 bucks on my bank account, guess if I was dissapointed when I realized I only had 80 :sad:

I dreamt very much times that a baby brother of me got born, that I felt in love and stuff like that. It was very dissapointing when I woke up. :neutral: But I never was disappointed when I woke up from a dream in wich I had very much money, because I do not like money all that much.

I woke up once after being in a long dream fight with my very longterm girlfriend. I woke her up to ask her more details of the argument (she admitted to cheating on me in the dream). She thought I was crazy because she would never cheat on me (honestly) and I would never have suspected her of cheating on me.

In fact, it was so strange to me in the dream that she would admit something like that that I almost became lucid. It was like a RC without me even doing anything (but I was too pissed to perform a RC).

ohhhhhhh yeah. once, i woke up at 2 in the morning, and i took a shower, got my school uniform on, and ate breakfast before i realized a)it was 2 in the morning, b)it was a sunday, and c)my uniform was on backwards.
i figured i was just REALLY tired…