Health and LDs

Has anyone considered the possibility that LD’s should be automatic, and that the only thing that is keeping us from such a mental state is actually our health?

I want a topic devoted entirely to health. Whether it’s more water drinking, or corecting sleep patterns. Eliminating television. Let’s bounce ideas. Maybe working-out more regulary? Diet!? Diet must be KEY! Any other ideas? Clearing your conscious? Making amends? Helping others? ould God help? Of course.

I do believe, entirely, LDing is supposed to be automatic. I view it as a daily reward for overcoming the struggle that is everyday life. Imagine living a perfect life in harmony with your surroundings with an overwhelming sense of oneness and joy.



lds are natural, and you have to pay attention to sleep
and you can’t go to sleep
its very simple really
sleep, roll over, sleep, roll over
then at the right moment, open the eyes, and become wakeful for a while
so your mind can WORK and think,
then, let yourself dream.

water is a big one but the biggest one is paying attention and being vigilant,
if you can’t think, or count, or say anything, how can you dream consciously ? but you can’t be awake, either, so its all about letting yourself sleep for a bit, then finding the perfect spot.

Any input? Anything? I feel the discussion could be crucial. Feedback and ideas please…

Well, I exercise… I eat a pretty healthy diet, no soda or sugary drinks, lots of water and fresh fruit and veggies. I don’t watch TV.

And it doesn’t make a difference for me. I think you have to be more consciously aware.

I don’t know about my mental health, I’m pretty sure I’m mentally healthy. XD

LD’s come automatically when you want them to do so. For me, dreams warned me there will come a time when I won’t be so healthy but in that period of sickness I really can’t tell that my dreams were less vivid or with worse lucidity, it was exactly as always (excepting the signs of sickness, like waking up in the middle-night).

You’re quite accurate.

99% of the cause for people having a poor concentration, poor mental abilities, extreme lack of energy etc (let alone all sorts of diseases from minor to major ones) is because of what they eat. When you eat something, it literally becomes a part of you, it doesn’t just go away when you go to the bathroom. Most people eat pretty much only processed foods. If you would eat a raw organic diet , which is the natural thing to do, your energy levels skyrocket and with them all of your abilities.

Try eating just for a week or two a raw diet, not even organic, but eat only LIVE things. That’s what you naturally crave. If you keep such a diet for a few months, you won’t want to eat anything else. Naturally, our bodies want life, not chemicals.

If you try such a diet and and also exercise for about 30 minutes a day, according to your own abilities, do some stretching and some breathing exercises, I guarantee you your life will never be the same.

I don’t know if LDs are ‘natural’ but they most certainly should be a very easy thing to achieve, just as easy as opening your eyes…

But this is a bit more complicated than health since it involves awareness, beliefs, subconscious visualizations etc…

But still your diet certainly plays a VITAL role in anything you do .

Your brain ( as an electromagnetic unit) needs electrical energy. And just for an example, while a chocolate cake has about 1-4 Mhz, a single cucumber has 60-70 and a rose has 300. + 99% of the nutrients go to waste as they travel from earth food up the food chain to you.

You get the picture…

I don’t follow any special kind of diet and I don’t think it makes a lot of difference whether I eat a salad or Belgian fries and a steak in order to have an LD at night. I do drink a lot of tea, which has a very good impact on my concentration. And when I drink mint tea before bedtime my chances of becoming lucid increase. The only thing that’s striking is that I cannot become lucid when I drank alcohol the night before. So alcohol must be a big NO NO!

I also have a bigger chance of becoming lucid at night when I read fantasy stories before bedtime or when I watch a very spectacular movie. Reading on this forum almost always has a good impact on my DR. What’s also a constant in my experience is that I seem to have much more LD’s when I’m traveling in a new country and I have a lot of things to do and new things to explore. So new experiences can also trigger lucidity.

Relv, appreciate it. Right on point as usual. Amaryllis, sorry to say diet plays a VITAL role. Now it could be true that your perception of its irrelevance could indeed help your lucidity. Due to the fact you believe your claim, however your potential will not be reached on french fries and snickers bars. As far as caffein, NO. Simply put, NO. YOu do not need a dose of more concentration, you need to strike the root and figure out why you don’t have it already.

Not to come off rude, all in the spirit of help. Peace.

Oh Relv, Living foods is the best idea. Processed everything is horrible.

Well, I didn’t say anything about caffeine… I only make my tea out off fresh mint and other herbs and they seem to improve my concentration, in the meaning they help experiencing my LD’s more vividly so I can focus more on what I want to do in an LD, but anyways…

Wonderland, you’re very welcome :smile: please share


In case you haven’t thought of this before, your brain is the operator of your body. Your brain controls every physical thing. Including producing hormones , enzymes, all sorts of things. Your brain controls everything! Your pain levels, your happiness levels, your concentration levels, your overall emotions, your awareness, your physiology, cell regeneration, everything you can think about. Everything you feel , think or do is a result of brain activity. If you’re having a poor concentration ability, a lack of positive emotions, or anything at all you don’t like, it’s a result of your brain malfunctioning.

And the thing is that the brain is an electrical unit.

Just like a light bulb.
Actually , more like a super computer. on a side note - your brain is more powerful than all the computers on earth put together as of this moment

Now, as an electrical unit, it needs electrical energy.

The most raw energy there is is sunlight. That’s just RAW energy. It has everything that all the foods on earth might or may not have put together.
Sunlight is energy source for everything on this planet. If there was no sunlight, there was nothing here at all, no plants, no critters, no mammals, no predators, no humans, no nothing. No life at all. (physically)

On another side note - you can feast on sun light as well - but that’s for a different talk

Now we come to the raw foods, things that are ALIVE, things that grow . Vegetables, seeds, sprouts, fruits, all of those types of things. LIVING things.

They have the most nutrients from all the foods and the most electrical energy (a connection between nutrients and electrical energy ? …)

As I said, a rose have been measured to about 300 Mega Hertz while a chocolate cake has approximately 2. Do a simple math, if you eat on chocolate cakes, let’s say eating 3 whole cakes for a day, ---->6 Mhz. If you eat 1 rose per day, you get 50 times as much energy. Just think about that.

After the raw stuff, there’s generally living flesh, chicken , fish , other animals.

They measure still much lower than raw foods but still higher than real processed junk.

Also, understand that during the way the energy travels from the ground to bugs and such through the food chain to the animals you eat, lots of the nutrients are lost , I would guess about 1/1000 of them make it when we’re talking about meat and probably more with fish and such.

Think about what you’re eating, how little energy you’re giving your body.
Have you ever wondered why your thoughts seem to be so unclear, why there’s so much things going through your mind, why clarity, contentment and happiness may be hard to reach for?..

You’re not giving the operator ENERGY to use.

In addition to that, probably all the foods you are eating, including vegetables aren’t raw at all. Unless you’re eating organic foods, all foods are sprayed with all sorts of chemicals which are designed to do lots of things, in the best case scenario, only to preserve them , at best.

Candies and sweets you buy from the supermarket actually have sorts of drugs in them to make you desire that taste as soon as you finish eating it. It’s actually very cruel. It’s designed to make you want to eat it after you already did. Why do you think people like to eat so much. They eat when they’re not even hungry at all. Just to satisfy their taste buds, or so they think… It’s way more complex than that. You know, the food industry is an industry. Industry is about making money, not about making people happy and peaceful. It’s in their benefit to get you addicted to those foods.

All breads ,pastas, rice, EVERYTHING you get is so processed that it literally has a tiny amount of energy in it. Just a physical material with caloric value with taste, chemicals and … you get the picture.

In addition to all the substances they add to the food, think about all the road it goes through, freezing, unfreezing, all sorts of temperatures etc… Just be creative and try to guess how much of the real value of the food is lost there.

Eventually, literally a 100% of the food in the supermarkets is a pure physical form with only a few traces of ENERGY.

People wonder why they feel so bad, why they lack energy. Why they can’t get out of bed in the morning, why they can’t seem to run a mile, why they feel tired most of the time, why they can’t even control their own thoughts ! Does it get more absurd than that ?

Your brain needs energy. You give him crap. He’ll throw it right back at you.

The only thing I can suggest is that you just TRY, for 8-10 days, eating a raw diet. Even if it’s not organic. I guarantee your astonishment. Especially if you exercise for about 30 minutes a day and throw in some breathing exercises and a few minutes of meditation and calming your mind.

Keep in mind, the food you eat doesn’t just go away, it becomes a part of you, literally. After 8 days, only a very small amount of the waste and toxins is washed away and you would still feel a HUGE difference. Even if you eat regular vegetables and fruits, which still have chemicals in them.

I urge you to give it a shot. 8 DAYS ! What do you have to lose ?

If you could have a taste of how it would feel to be after 30 days of a complete organic and raw diet, you’ll never thinking about anything else again.

See, we’re animals. We may think we’re not but we are. At least our bodies. We need food, energy, the things that grow in the jungle on the ground and on the trees, not things that go through machines and a thousand transformation till it reaches our mouth. Eating raw & organic foods is the natural , normal way to go . The fact that we eat chemicals (you know , things they make in a lab to create certain effects on your physiology and mental activity ) literally all day long in every thing we get doesn’t make it normal, right or beneficial for us in any way. Naturally, we crave life. Our major motive in physical life is the survival instinct because WE CRAVE LIFE. But when you are born into eating all this sorts of things, you just don’t know anything else. Think about a lettuce growing in the field naturally, with no chemicals on it and no humanly designed substances, pure life. Now think of the way it (lettuce, we’re not talking about 100% chemically designed candy bars) makes from a field , starting with spraying, to the supermarket. After eating only raw & organic foods for a few months, as all the drugs , toxins, and other chemicals leave your body, you’ll never want to eat anything else again.

You can intellectually put the peaces together like I basically just did for you, but logic tends to have very little to no control over human beings. Until someone feels what they’re choosing to avoid , until someone sees and experiences it on his own flesh, there’s a very tiny chance he’ll make any change.

It’s not that a raw organic diet is productive.

It’s that anything else is destructive.

Regarding to LDs, is it possible to have LDs while eating junk ? sure…

It’s possible to have an LD during every REM cycle. In fact, it’s EASY.

But that doesn’t mean that eating real food with real energy wouldn’t help.

Giving your brain energy will dramatically increase your awareness, your energy levels, your thinking patterns, your overall intelligence, creativity and emotional well being. Literally, every aspect of your life. You know, make you a human being that supposedly exists only in dreams ? A happy, peaceful, in control of himself human being ? you get what I mean.

Will that help you with LDs ? Take a wild guess here…

By the way, I really got into it, I don’t mean to lecture on eating raw diets, by all means , eat away, just be aware of what you’re consuming and understand what’s it causing you.

P.S wonderland - I like your signature. I find it a fantastic metaphor! Thanks ^^

Thank you, I thought I was so alone in that train of thought. %100 percent natural, not even 99. I gave up the microwave today, Yay me.

I sum up most of your lecture when I tell people, “You can’t plant a skittle,”