Hello again! [Questions from me :(]


So I’ve been on and off trying to lucid dream for quite some time now, almost a year, but now I’m off school for around another month and a half, and after this year i’m finished school, I definately want to learn while I have the time. I’d just like any tips you guys could give, I know there are plently of topics about it, but still, i’d like personal tips :smile:

So here’s what i have sorted/getting sorted:

1)Have a temporary DJ until I get a more meaningful book, i’m ebaying as we speak.
2) Going to do the hand poking RC around 10 times a day.
3) Have the motivation.
4) Going to look up methods of WBTB etc now, any personal suggestions?

Now for some questions, just to get them off my chest :smile:

1)I have slight insomnia from my granny, I think it skipped a generation or something, but I find myself not getting tired until like 4am, I should still (for example using WBTB) still wake up 6 hours later then go back?

2)What exactly happened in your first lucid dream, if you remember? and how long was it?

  1. is it possible to have more than 1 LD a night?

4)Whats the longest LD you’ve had, i’ve had a week long ND before, it really threw me off when I woke up…

  1. if you had a week long LD (Dream time) ahead of you, and you knew when you went to sleep you’d have it, what would you do?

6)Does hunger/thirst matter if your going to sleep? I go to sleep a little hungry sometimes since I don’t want to eat so late at night (i refer you back to insomnia keeping me up til 4am)

7)When i sleep, sometimes after about 10 minutes, i’ll realise I’m in a dream but instalty wake up, this happens very often, but its sort of more a daydream than dream, as when I wakeup it doesn’t even feel like I was sleeping.

Help appreciated guys, thanks :smile:

Hello again FrunkyFreddo :content:

To answer your questions:

  1. If your schedule allows it and you are able to fall asleep again there isn’t much harm in trying WBTB. That doesn’t really sound like insomnia to me, more like you’re being a night owl. One thing that might help you get a regular schedule is forcing yourself to stay up all night and then going to sleep at a proper time.

  2. I was stacking chairs in my old band hall when I looked at my hands and knew I was dreaming. I looked up and saw the room fade to black. The end.

  3. Yes, and in fact many techniques are based around that, such as DEILD. The most LD’s I had in one night was 3; 1 DILD, 1 WILD and 1 DEILD

  4. Around 30 minutes, though my average is more like 10.

  5. I guess if I was guaranteed a long LD I’d plan it out so I wouldn’t have wasted time. Set goals, events etc.

  6. It can mess with how easily you fall asleep. It’s not very easy to be able to sleep if your stomach is rumbling. Buuut, thirst can be a DS, actually. IF you are thirsty and no amount of water is helping, that is probably a good sign you are dreaming.

  7. If it’s at the beginning of the night that isn’t too unusual. It’s more like advanced forms of HI/HH that are almost dreams. IF you can learn to stay passive while watching them but aware, it can turn into a WILD. Keep in mind, when you first go to sleep it can be difficult.

I hope that helps. Happy lucids :content:

That was very helpful and informative :smile: i remember you from when I was here before :razz:

Anyway thanks, i’ve ordered an awesome looking journal with 1 page lined, 1 page blank, so I can do drawings on each page to remember my dreams better :happy: I had a really weird one the other night I’m waiting on my new journal to copy over from notepad lol.

Anyway thanks, hopefully i’ll stick at it this time! :happy: