Hello Everybody---WILD help

Hello everyone, I am TheDreamOfAnnoyance and I am a new member to this site. :wink:

  A few days ago I heard about something calld "Lucid Dreaming" and it interested me.  I started looking for information on it. Thats when I came across this website.  :happy: 

  I heard one of the ways to have Lucid Dreams and it is the Wake Inducted Lucid Dreaming (WILD) way. I am interested in learning about how to have Lucid Dreams using the WILD way and I would like as much help as I can to achieve my very first Lucid Dream. 

Since reading the information on your website, I’ve gone out and bought a notepad and a pen for writing my dreams down. Right now I have a few questions about Lucid Dreams.

Here are the questions.

  1. Since I’ve started trying to have Lucid Dreams (I am dedicated to having them) How long does it usually take for an average person to have a Lucid Dream?
  2. I’ve starting doing those Reality Checks (Checking fingers, Time, ect…) How will I know to do a Reality Check in my dream?
  3. I read the information on how to have Lucid Dreams using WILD, but the information is a little confusing for me. :confused: Can you guys/gals please explain to me in step-by-step instructions on how to do WILD properly.
  4. Is there anyway I can tell if I’m doing WILD properly? I’m the type of person who thinks if it isn’t working then I am doing it wrong.

Those are all my questions for now. I really appreciate it if you can help me with having my first Lucid Dream. Oh and before I forger, Nice to meet everyone here! :smile:

P.S. Sorry if I get off topic, and EXTERMELY sorry if this is in the wrong forum.

:welcome: To LD4all TheDreamOfAnnoyance! I’ll answer your questions as best I can, even though I’ve yet to get WILD work for me.

1)It is different for everyone. It depends on motivation and how good you are at the techs. For me it took about 2 weeks.
2)To do a RC in your dream, you should get into the habit of doing them a lot.
3)Ok, here’s the hard part for me.
a)Relax to the point when you are very tired.
b)Get into a comfortable position (i prefer my belly).
c)Start counting or doing something else to focus your mind. Don’t say it alod, just in your mind though.
d)When you see HI (rollover to find meaning) passivly look at it, if you concentrate to much, you’ll fall asleep.
e)You might start to feel hot/cold and feel vibrations. You may also hear strange noises (laughter, footsteps, or talking to name a few). This just means you’re very close to sleeping.
f)If all goes well you should be dreaming soon.
4) Well I’m not completely sure (need someone else to tell me), but I beleive WILD is slightly different for everyone. Meaning some people get HH, some people see lots of HI, some get vibrations, and some people get nothing.

There’s the end of my long post, I hope it was helpful!

Tcc brings up some good points, but I think I’ll take my take (haha… It’s like a pun or something…) on your questions as well.

Tcc answered this one exactly as I would have. Depends from person to person.

At first, it might be a good idea to do it habitually, so you do it in a dream. However, don’t over do it, or you might tire yourself out…

Eventually, it’ll kinda come naturally. When weird things happen (you thought you put something somewhere else, someone says something weird, you’re late/early, etc.), you should definitely take the time to RC.

Tcc may give a good suggestion, but really, it all varies from person to person. I personally don’t have HI, and I don’t exactly focus on much at all (until I know I’m near the sleep barrier).

Um. Well, I can’t tell you if you tell me what’s going on if you were on the right track. Reason being, it’s different for some people. Where some people have SP for minutes, I have it for about 20 seconds, and while some people don’t get into a dream after SP, I do.

I suppose, WILD would be done properly if you get LD from it.

About step C, arn’t you susposed to think about what you want to dream or are you susposed to think about having a dream :confused:

I also have another question about being in a Lucid Dream, when I’ve had normal dreams i’ve never seen my hands or any part of my body. How do I actually get to see them? and if I open my eyes in a dream, it usually makes me wake up, are my eyes already open when I start in a dream?

I just started also and almost hit a WILD. Unfortunatley I had to get up for work.