help (Can't seem to do anything in an LD)

Hi. This is probably not the right section for this s:
my prob: After i recently got my first LD, in 5/10 of my dreams I do a reality check and say “WTF Im dreaming” but its still a normal dream. I “know” Im dreaming but I still cant do nothing :meh:
Does anyone know why this is happening?
Thank you

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Before having a proper LD, you should have an idea of what a good LD of yours would be, so I suggest trying and making up your own. Imagine yourself being in a dream (you could even use scenarios from previous dreams of yours), and getting lucid the way you prefer, may it be the recognition of a dreamsign, some RC, or even just out of the blue.
Try to imagine the implications, the consequences, get used to the idea. Then actually try and imagine yourself doing all the stuff you planned doing in a LD ^^ including, but not limited, to flying, exploring, adventures, battles, love, important experiences… :content:
Make it a kinda daydream, a lucid daydream if you will: you imagine yourself being in a dream, only you know it this time and you have control over anything you might want.
This way you’ll get the hang of taking and maintaining control in your dream. Best wishes for your adventures :wink: