Help finding the right balance when attempting WILD

Ok so recently I have discovered the best way for me to fall asleep in minutes when I want to attempt WILD. However I am having trouble finding the best balance between being too aware and not being aware enough, I have come very close many times but usually end up drifting off without realising.

I focus on the ringing sound in my ears whilst laying in my bed and I can feel myself falling asleep, eventually everything else drowns out and the ringing is all I hear also the blackness that you see when you shut your eyes becomes somehow even more black and seems like an endless void with depth :confused: . This is usually as far as I get before I wake up and it is morning. I usually don’t even realise or remember that I fell asleep.

Any help would be much appreciated thanks :smile:


Just to add, my dreams that night are usually very easily remembered and quite vivid too, but never lucid. I even woke up one morning wondering how the hell I didn’t realise lol.

I think this is just a matter of practice, maybe luck of the mood, unfortunately. :tongue: But I’d advise erring on the relaxed and sleepy side. Too often I find myself making my mental concentration physical, by tensing up or something. Next thing I know, it’s three o’ clock and I’m not yet asleep: that’s what happens when I err just a little too much on the conscious side. So, I say try to relax as much as you can, relax even the thoughts that have nothing to do with lucidity.

If you stare at one color for a long time, your retina starts to get tired and starts producing the opposite color. This might happen to a smaller degree with everything you see during the day, so when you close your eyes at night there may be subtle colors floating or creeping all over the back of your eyelids. When the retina’s properly rested from light, they stop and it becomes very black.

When it gets to that part, just try to calmly notice, “Hmn. I’m at this part.” Try to get into the state of mind where, the waking in the morning can come whenever it wants to, but you’re just peaceably doing the mental equivalent of watching grass grow…

Hope this help! :smile:

Wow, thanks very much for the post. I shall try and use your advice on my next WILD attempt. At the moment I think its a case of me being too relaxed meaning I fall asleep so I will use your reccomendation alongside my current method…The two combined are sure to get me there!

Thanks again!

I completely agree with this. Falling asleep unconsciously is less of a failure than staying up till 3 AM :tongue: Since to WILD you have to fall asleep. So it’s better to find a position and method in which you fall asleep and somehow work your way up.

One thing I find funny is when people have the “staying awake” problem they say something like “and then I gave up and went to sleep normally”. It’s pretty funny because they usually fall asleep pretty quickly when they “give up”. They are staying to awake exactly because they are forgetting you must fall asleep to WILD :tongue:

For example, many people think you MUST lie on your back to WILD. I can’t fall asleep on my back, so trying to would just keep me awake. This might happen to other people :neutral: So I WILD on my side, where I can fall asleep easily. Lots of times I lose awareness and just fall asleep, but I’m able to have WILD’s sometimes too.

Probably didn’t help much. I ramble a lot. Good luck though :grin: