Help please. I`m a total noob in Lucid dreaming.

I have tryed to become Lucid for maybe 7 - 8 months and it still doesn`t work. Can anybody give me a tip how to make it more easy ? :confused:

what technique are you using?


MILD i can`t use, because i wakeup in the morning every time i fall asleep.

Everytime i try WILD i stay in my bed relaxed, dont move with my eyes relaxed aswell but only see some spots, and picturese, sometimes like a small movie, but not more then 2 - 3 seconds and cant fall alseep, with my concious awake. I usualy give up in 1 hour. But once i stayed like that for 4 hours…
WBTB i try sometimes but it still doesn`t work.

Oh actualy i have had 2 lucid dreams, but it was 16 ears ago, when i was kid. It began with a repeating nightmare about a week the same dream every night. I have forgoten most of it, but i remember how all ended a bear was chasing me and at a sertain moment i got so scared, that i baceme angry. I turned around loocked at the bair and said:
You are not real, im just dreaming. And the bear said You are right. And i wocke up. Since then i havent got a single nightmare.

Do a bunch of reality checks throughout the day and keep LDing on your mind. :meh:


Try RC and just keep working someday…

Try MILD with WBTB. That is to say… Go to bed… Sleep for 6 hours… Wake up and stay active for 15 minutes or so… Go back to bed doing the MILD stuff… It generally works for people in 2-3 weeks. Do a dream journal and reality checks too.

If you have a really good reason for not doing MILD, another thing you can try is this… When going to bed, tell yourself again and again that you mustn’t move your body upon awakening… Go to bed (don’t set your alarm clock)… Wake up and don’t move at all - don’t open your eyes or anything - just lie there still… Let the dream reform around you while telling yourself “I am dreaming” (in your head). Sleep is a sort of trance-like state, and as long as you don’t move it’s very simple to continue. It’s sorta like WILD - but super easy. The hard part is remembering to not move…

Oh, and hi! :smile:

Hi peacemakerivo,

Apparently you can give up with WILD, it’s not for you. Wait a little until you’re motivated again, then start again from the beginning (that is having first a good DR) and practice RC and autosuggestion.

I dont know i got it right, but if you meant that you have short dreams, problem would not be so big. If you get lucidicy, you will be able to make dream a lot longer. Rubbing hands together, spinning, searching details at hands - those things can make dream stable, when it fades out.

And like people before me wrote, if you tried to WILD, and there was no result, this is not good techique for you. MILD + WBTB, is best idea i guess. Eventually you can try out VILD with or without WBTB.

Well thanks for the advices. I will definatly try MILD that night, but if dont wake up... Wild doent hurt to try i think. I have already started to loock at my arms and ask myself am i dreaming. I hope it works.

For MILD + WBTB use an alarm clock and put it across the room from where you sleep. Or drink a lot of water before bed…