Help with waking up for DEILD

Hey LD4all!

I know for a fact that the most effective technique for me is DEILD. I can stay absolutely still when waking up with no problem. I can re-enter the dream easily. There is just one problem: How can I set an alarm/use a mantra to wake up without having to move? So far I have found no self shutting off alarms, and generally I am too tired to wake up in the middle of the night with a mantra.

How can I set an alarm or use a mantra to allow me to not have to move when I wake up?

Many thanks,

Congratulations with being able to! DEILD is a great technique but the best? hehe well anyway their are special DEILD timers you can use on any flash enabled device (computer,phone). I use my iPod as a timer for any type of thing involving LD. BTW your Confucius quote is great :razz:. The timer I was talking about is here but not exactly sure were there :sad:.

If you have an iPod or computer in your room, you could find an online alarm clock that enables you to adjust the ringing time. It’s a little hard to find, but I’m pretty sure there is one :razz:.

If you can’t do that, then I guess your best bet would be AS. I use it frequently, and it sure does seem to work. Just set your mind to the time you want to wake up. Tell yourself that in x amount of hours/minutes you’ll wake up, look at the clock even to let your mind know the time you’d like to wake up. While you’re off to bed, be sure to set your intentions to be up at whatever time, keep thinking of it till you fall asleep. And most likely it should work. If not, keep practicing :razz:.

[edit]- AS is auto-suggestion. sorreh.

Yes, AS is the best way in my opinion because you prepare yourself for awakening few hours before and when you awake there is no shock from light or alarm or some other things that “surprise” you and in that way you have a grater chance to remember you dreams and stay calm for DEILD!

Thanks for the quality posts! If you have any other timers, they would be greatly appreciated! In the mean while, I’ll head over to that link GnarGnar gave me.

Also, is it harder to use AS to wake up at, say 3:00am than 8:00 am?

If you are experienced with AS then shouldn’t be any problems… Although if you’re very tired there are smaller chances but with power of the mind and will power there is no limitation!