Help with WILD breathing

Having trouble letting it subside and focus on something else, tried counting stairs and came incredibly close but i just couldn’t let go of that control on my breathing (Had complete relaxation but i just couldn’t get my breathing to reduce, it was slow and heavy rather then slow and light)
After failing at Wilding I ended up having a very vivid dream that if at any point managed an RC i could have very likely become lucid.

Definitely not discouraged just wondering if there’s any techniques or exercises i can try to get a better control of my breathing and again if anyone has a cataloged list of RC’s still haven’t found a simple list yet just wondering if there’s a sticky post somewhere?

The main point is, you’re not supposed to gain better control over your body, not you should attempt to: the place your consciousness belongs in a WILD is the dream, and the dream only. Try to relax more and forget everything, save the intent to become lucid in the now: this way your body can fall asleep faster, plus you are more aware and can enter a dream fully conscious. :wink: