Help with wild.

Ok , hi im knda new here (about 4 days)

Well ive been trying wild (With and Without WBTB incase you wonder) and i cant seem to get past low HI, except my frist day when SP and full HI set in,
anyway wild seems to be messing with my sleep, well when i goto sleep i seem to keep my mind awake automaticallyand do wild without knowing it And cant sleep unless i just go with the wild but it dosent lead to anything, how can i just kick the habit of wilding everytime i sleep, its making me quite angry cuz i always wake up tired… help?

If it comes naturally for you, you should just relax and let the process complete itself: you should only care about relaxing your body, taking it easy, and keeping barely conscious in the process, so a dream will form smoothly and you’ll easily recognize being in one :wink:

Hmm, well thats the whole thing i keep my mind awake, but my body is as relaxed as i can let it be, but i think i am maybe keeping myself to awake? like being to aware of myy mind? thanks for the fast reply btw :razz:.

A good way to learn to WILD is just watching yourself fall asleep, and recall the experience the next time you awaken. This way you learn how you manage to fall asleep each night, and can use that experience to find the right balance between aware and relaxed, and WILD more correctly ^^

watching myself, what exactly do you mean, i think i have an idea but that wording is confusing me. sorry :razz:

It’s just being slightly aware of what you’re doing as you pass out, so you can remember properly when you wake up (together with dreams, of course :tongue: )

One thing that might help is not to analyze anything. just watch (sry, wording :tongue:). as in observe. as in experience. If you feel a little tingling, just feel it. don’t think “hm a little tingling there” and don’t think what that means or how close to falling asleep you are. Just clear your mind, that really helps me anyway :smile: (and yes, it’s tricky at first, but simply trying can really help)

hmm thanks, i under stand , mattias that should help i wlways am like " woh, whats that?" and i think thats the problem

Setting some time to meditate every day will help IAmZ. I like to take some time to sit half-lotus of full-lotus staring at a wall and not commenting on anything if I can help it, simply noticing my gentle breathing. It is only easy if you don’t try to rush; if you can only sit for five minuets just do that. I only sit for 10 minutes at a time; rushing toward expected results will never work, or at least it hasn’t ever worked for me.

But like mattias said, observe, don’t comment. If you feel a tingling, feel it; when it goes away you will have won an important battle. And don’t worry if you lose concentration, you’re learning, it’s cool. I’m trying to catch a WILD too so we’re in the same boat brother.