Help with WILD

Hey, I used to be all into this, I tried it atleast once a week, but then school kinda got in the way, now its the summer i’d like to try to get lucid dreams. I have been trying WILD, and to an extent it works, i’ll go straight into vivid dream about whatever is on my mind at the time, but these can last from 1 second to a few minutes, before I realise I’m dreaming and wake up, I think SP isn’t kicking in and I jump or move about and wake myself up, how do I stop waking up, I get so close to a lucid dream!! :sad:

Perhaps you aren’t in a dream yet, but instead you are seeing HI.

perhaps so, btw thanks for the reply, i was getting worried nobody would help :razz:

Its hard to explain, its like, I’m thinking about, for example (this is made up) fish, and then I’ll drift a little and have a dream about fish, or involving fish, this dream feels like a normal dream, having False Memories etc, and then I’ll suddenly realize i’m in my bed, and the dream doesn’t fade, my eyes open instantly and I’m like “For god sake…”, then its more difficult to replicate until either the next night, or next time I go to sleep.

It sounds like I get to the bit:
“You get a scene in your head, and its infront of you, now just step into it” I’m drawn into a dream state before I can step in.