help with WILD!

I know that for WILD, you have to keep still and ignore all the itching, and urges to roll over the body sends out to see if the mind is asleep. However, I can’t ever not swallow, which is annoying. Whenever i try to lay completely still and relax, saliva builds up in my throat, and it becomes almost unbearable not to swallow. I want to know if it is OK to swallow, or if anyone else has this problem. Thanks!!!

I have this problem as well! and I think this is probably the reason I can’t get WILD to work.

That is only one small part of WILD. You should practice some relaxation techniques before you try WILD.

It’s actually worse if you just keep thinking about swallowing or not, if you really feel the urge to swallow, do it without paying attention to it, that way it shouldn’t affect the SP.

That use to be my first wall in WILDing. :tongue:
For me I drink milk before I sleep I stopped that, drank a sip of water instead to wash out the mouth. Whenever the need to swallow happens I let my body do it naturally sort of, it feels like a throat reflex almost. This happens when Im thinking about something else rather than “crap I need to swallow”. Or instead of letting it build and knowing Im gnna hav to swallow eventually. I go ninja in my mouth let the saliva get prepared in the back of my throat and do a quick gulp, nothing big, just a small discrete one.