Hi again, 2nd Lucid dream, strange characteristics.

Hey, some of you may remember me from a while back when I shared my first Lucid dream, which was very long and very cool, I was quite powerful and had alot fo control, I was so ‘into’ the dream, if you get me, well then, why is it that my second dream altogether, a month or more later, is so short? Don’t get me wrong, I’m extatic at having one again, some people try for motnhs and have nothing, I’ve not done a thing and had two within 2 months, I’ll tell you about it first.

I was doing something in the dream, but I can’t remember what, it may have involved cockroaches, because I do remember sighting one in my dream, but then, I was in my house, in my living room to be precise (where my first Lucid dream began) and me and my full family, bar one or two people, were watching TV, dunno what was on but that’s hardly important, what is important is what happens next and this is what started the LD’ing and because I didn’t know it was a dream (yet) it was very exciting.

I saw a flash of something outside the window, I looked up to the sky and from the left of my view came flying an Ambulance, god knows why, atleast I thought it was flying, I quickly came to the decision that it was inevitably going to crash and that the word ‘flying’ implied a means to control. Not quite the case, and I was later proven correct, it was well up in the air, I was shouting out a figure in my dream, but I can’t quite remember that now, it was definitely high though, it was covered by mist and I could hardly see it, anyway, it went flying past my view so I had to poke my head out of the window to see what was happening, it smashed into a garden up a hill a few hundred yards away and I could only see a very cool explosion and flames, smoke, and more explosions, it was cool as hell.

I went outside and saw people rushing to help, I then saw my dad going out to work and I talked to him, I said ‘Dad, did you see that Ambulance?!’ he said something to the effect of ‘Yah, it was pretty wierd’ or something, and he just sort of disapearred, I walked over to my window and looked back in, some fancy women was there talking to my family and I said aloud, ‘who’s that?’, my dad re-appearred and answered ‘it’ll be a producer wont it’, I took this to mean ‘It’ll be a news producer looking for stories from people who saw the crash’, since I did see it, and for soem reason I didn’t want to talk to her, I walked round the side of my house, behind my dads car, and next to a small window that is for the understairs-closet (used to be a downstairs toilet I reckon, explains the window), I looked into the reflection of myself in the window and I thought ‘something’s wrong’, in the reflection I was wearing nothing on my upper body, and I had a bloody big 6 pack, I was strong as hell, but when I looked down at myself in reality, I was wearing alot of padding, my coat, a jumper and a shirt underneath, I was very warm. Why then was I different in the reflection of myself in the mirror?

I looked again and then I noticed soemthing different, I was now wearing a ‘6 pack ‘costume’’, like a novelty constume that gives you a fake looking 6 pack :content: , I then said aloud, while smiling, ‘I’m dreaming, arent I!’ and my suddenly concious mind replied ‘Yep’.

I turned around and walked over to the middle of the street and saw my dad out of the corner of my eye, my mind was racing of things to do, but as is always the way, yah can never remember these things we want to do in dreams, so I jumped up and swam through the air, then something wierd happened, I started feeling tired in my dream, ‘this can’t be right’ I thought, ‘I’m asleep for christsake’, then I had troubles keeping my eyes open, I wanted to close them, yet I knew I’d lose the dream, only suddenly I was so tired and my left eye was hurting.
I rubbed my hands for a second but it never helped.
I woke up, but not before saying ‘I’ve lost it haven’t I’ to which my mind replied ‘Yep.’

I woke up to a bright light, only now do I realise that I must’ve turned over and suddenly the light from the slightly open curtains and the midday sun was shining into my eyes, meaning in reality I screwing my eyes up and in my dream, it may be why I found them hard to keep open, is this at all plausible?

Anyway, sorry for this being so wrong, but this is as much for my benefit as yours, the onyl way I can remember this is to write it down and which better place then here, hope you enjoyed it, I don’t expect anyone to read this much but if you do, thanks. :wink:

Anyway, to give this thread a point, has anyone had a similair experience? A dream which is affected or ended by outside and unforseen happenings? Also, what can I do to try and make my dreams longer? And how can I remember what to do in a dream once I’m lucid, also, why do i always start in my living room surrounded by my family? I know that I’m making wild presumptions by saying that after only two dreams but, I just have a feeling that I’m going to start every dream int he exact same way :eh: . Meh. Submit. clicks submit

Well sorry, I dont read the entire topic (just the first paragraph) so I’ll answer the question you asked… Some dreams are just short, and some are long. It varies.

I know just what you mean! :yes: i used to ask the same questions. Ok you asked a lot so i will respond to each question one by one. First of all, i have had a dream where it was affected by reailty.

For example, one of them i was just walking when a huge wasp was coming towards me. I was running like crazy; i was terrified. The wasp landed on my back and stung me. It hurt like hell to the point i woke up and realised i was sleeping in such an akward position my back was hurting!! :tongue:

Not so sure about making your dream longer, however i think you should keep a positive attitude.

try to keep a positive attitude and don’t just give up instead try spinning, try shouting out “I AM DREAMING” or something.

To remember what to do when lucid make yourself a checklist. Write down all the things you would like to do when lucid, and when going to sleep, tell yourself : “All right, when i get my lucid dream today i will attempt to do fly” :fly:

About the thing where you are with your family, i know just what you mean. Whenever i get lucid, i am almost always in my house. No idea why, though :eh:

Thanks for replying, and thanks for the insight, I’ll try and make sure everything’s okay so that I do not get woken up by things outside my dream. :tongue:

I knew I made this post to long :cry: , it’s really not that long though, only takes a minute to read.

The two techniques I’ve used with good results were: staring at my hands from time to time. It gives a boost to lucidity each time you stare at them. Counting in my dream (it’s stupid and annoying but it worked :neutral: ).

You don’t remember what to do because of your low lucidity level. You can enhance it by shouting “More lucidity”, or counting, or performing a RC as soon as you become lucid.

It’s perhaps an interesting dreamsign. Some events in dreams are likely to make you lucid. You can use this by performing RC’s.