Hi I need help regarding LD (some specific questions)

First, let me say that im gathering info on how to do LD on this site since 3 days, i always have been good at recalling dreams but i started a DJ anyway to help my dream get more vivid and right now im really motivated in achieving a LD but I have some questions regarding my small experience.

In fact, i tried this the first day:
-I did the WILD technique before going to bed and woke up 5 hour after with an alarm (not enough good with mantra yet so yea…alarm) it didnt work and i felt asleep even tough I have good relaxation notion and i felt vibration (maybe sleep paralysis but not fully) but that ended there.

  • When i woke up i did a WBTB and used the MILD technique after 30 minute of surfing on the forums (i learnt its supposed to be 1 hour but i didnt know at this time) and with that i had a semi-LD. Yea, i was in looking trough a door and saw someone and looking at me trough the door from the other way. Then i heard my mantra from the MILD technique and immediatly realised i was in a dream and i felt all i could do now that i know that and became too excited and woke up…

The second day: I tried to do the WILD in an afternoon nap and i was able to get to the SP and then my eyes start twitching… but i managed to stay focused on my breath and keep going and im able to stay alot of time in SP (well i think its SP as i feel all my body being heavy and i feel some vibration, I would have been able to move if i really wanted but it would have been hard…

Im having trouble reaching the part when i enter the dream in WILD, i do see image and even 3d landscape but whenever i try to naturally enter them evrything become black and without me even realising my eyes open and ruin all my efforts… I dont know how to solve that… Also my eyes are twitching when i start to see image and landscape…the image and landscape are sometime rly vivid and when i focus on them my eyes are twitching and its hard to keep focus on those and they sometime get blurry…

I dont know if u guys can help me, im sorry if those questions have already been asked or if im not in the good forums, i have searched alot and found no answer. If i must, ill delete this topic. Thanks alot for taking time to help me its really appreciated. Thanks to the community for giving me the motivation to start doing LD. I love this site.

-So questions:
-How can i solve the eyes twitching?
-How can i jump into a dream after reaching the last step of WILD?
-How do i know if im in sleep paralysis for sure?
-From my background information, can u tell me what i did wrong so i can get better with the technique?

Edit: i got a new problem with WILD… lol When im using it i stay in sleep paralysis for about an hour or more and then when i get to open my eyes because im not able to jump in the dream and it sort of force me to open my eyes i stop doing the WILD but i cant sleep anymore, im too focused on lucid dreaming even tough im starting to get really tired… what am i doing wrong?

Thanks guys

Sorry for the long post

  • The eye twitching can be helped by rolling your eyes in larger circles. Also, make sure you’re not accidentally straining your eyes while concentrating or looking for HI.

-If a dreamscape begins to form, my best advice is to rub your hands together or do anything to activate your sense of feel. Don’t worry if you think your RL hands are the ones moving, they most likely are not. Once you get decent feeling in your hands, do an easy physical RC like pinching your nose and trying to breathe. It may take some time to master, so don’t get down if your first few attempts fail.

-You’re only in SP if you literally can’t move. Numbness might feel like you’re going into SP but it’s only an early step. The trouble is if you’re constantly checking to see if you’re numb or can’t move you won’t be able to fall asleep.

SP really isn’t that big of a deal, lots of newer dreamers get hung up on it. Just relax, maintain your focus and allow yourself to fall asleep. You can’t dream if you’re awake. Forget about your body, it will do its own thing. Just stay passively aware and let the dream happen. The more you worry about SP, the harder it’s going to be.

Thanks alot, ill try your advice in a afternoon nap with WILD.

Yea im staying motivated, i just like trying those technique even if they dont work but yea i like getting better at what I do :wink: thanks for the help.