horrable sleep pattern

i don’t think i have insomnia,at least not what i think of as insomnia but i tend to bounce back and forth from not being able to sleep,the last couple weeks I’ve gone to sleep at 3-4am and gotten up a 6am every day almost with no naps,and the sleep i do get is poor,i wake up alot,never really feel like i slept the night before,then after my body cant seem to take any more of it,ill switch to sleeping a lot,going to sleep at 7pm ish,waking up at 6am for school and then sleeping through most of my classes
in between these two…patterns for lack of a better word…ill have a week or so of the “normal” 8-10 hrs that i know i should be getting.this is how I’ve sleep since about 5th grade and I’ve tried to fix it but i always fall back into the pattern,
does anyone know how to fix this or even if this is an actual problem thats been diagnosed or am i just odd?

i would say as long as you don’t suffer illness or extreme tiredness during the day, there is no real problem. it also can be that your sleep is better than you think. when you can’t sleep one night then read a book. the problem will solve itself when you don’t care about it that much. hope that helps^^