How can I get over my fear to Lucid Dream?

You see, when it comes to LD’ing, it’s something that I really want to accomplish and master. But when the day winds down and I’m laying in bed doing some sort of technique or listening to a recording, I’ll start thinking, “Hmm, what if I were to actually manage to get Lucid?..” I get scared because anything can happen in a dream. In reality, I have this problem where I’m always afraid someone will come and hurt me or someone I love. I know that anything can happen in reality too, but my mind is a very messed up place. It’s filled with horrid things that I’m afraid will come true if I become Lucid. Like last night for example, as I was laying in bed the idea of becoming Lucid sounded a bit scary to me, and that night I realized I was dreaming. I was in the middle of flipping off a ladder and I screamed “Right, I’m dreaming!”, but when I landed, I got this stomach twisting feeling- the kind when you get all scared. Then I thought, “Oh god, I’m dreaming. I’ve got to get out of hear!” And I forced myself to wake up. I know that nothing can actually hurt me in a dream, especially in a Lucid because I would be aware of that, but it still scares me. What can I do to get over this? Can anyone help? I would be very appreciative for any input.

~Namine :wave:

It is not true that anything can happen, only what you allow to happen, because it is active in your subconscious mind.

For example, lets say its cloudy just a little bit.

One man says to you, it might rain, or it might not.

One man says, surely the sun will come out.

One man says oh my god, surely it is going to flood and kill us all.

Well, in a dream, each of them would be right, so its up to you to choose what you want to experience, and focus on the good stuff, and don’t pay attention to the rest!

Life is just like that, but its much more slow, and somewhat bound by the laws of physics, but only for those who have not transcended them. We are capable of anything we imagine.

It is not true that anything can happen to you, what is going to happen no matter what is karma, which is just the collection of our beliefs, thoughts, and what we focus on every day. We heal that by changing the way we think about the world, watching our thoughts, and if something happens we pray or think about how we would like it to change, and take an attitude of humility and kindness and gratitude.

If we notice the clouds and we have fear of rain, then we would say, I would very much like it to be sunny, and ask for these feelings to be healed, so that I can always be happy, and always be in perfect weather.

Look the fear in the eyes, it has no form, it will disappear unless you think thoughts about it.

the best way to fix all of this , is to meditate, to sit quietly and let the thoughts do what they want to do, until they quiet down, and if you need to, correct the ones you don’t agree with , but don’t fight with them, because they are illusions, like feathers in the wind, but they are sticky with glue, they will stick to you ONLY if you touch them and argue with them, otherwise they will blow away.

this is karma, whatever you want to call it,

what we chose to watch on tv or read about, listen to music about, will largely influence our freedom happiness, or imprisonment within illusion sand absolute lies,

afterall what are dreams made up of but imagination ? That is why we use all the tools we are given resonsiblity, and only expose our minds to what we WANT to have happen to us.

I.e. if someone wants to kill themselves because they don’t believe they can he happy, and they are depressed about relationships, and think they can never have a good one, they might try to watch really sad movies so they can feel more pain.

but if they are patient they can have the exact relationship they want, its all in their power and no one else’s,

they might be able to tell you 52,000 reasons why they can’t be happy, and they are right, but only because they focus so strongly,

it takes work and effort to change our reality but we have absolute control over everything that happens to us by forgiving everything that harms us, that we don’t like, and saying, i am so sorry that happened, please bless this situation that it will be healed, instead of hating it and judging it, which makes it happen even more.

life is a dream, and everything is always okay, but like attracts like, which is what the mind is for, a tool.

and meditation heals even the most deep emotional pains and crazy ideas, because all thoughts are illusions, and all dreams are illusions.

and all feelings are illusions, and when we are taking care of our body and our mind, and everything quiets down enough, what happens is a state of wellbeing and bliss, comfort and peace, knowing that everything is okay.

meditation automatically dissolves bad dreams

You just have to focus on the fact that you are in control, and that nothing can harm you when you are in control. If you’re still feeling terrified, you could simply take a gun out of your pocket in an LD and shoot anything that comes near you. :grin:

My apologies, Vampirism45 and Presence of Light! I’ve been completely astray from ld4all this topic. I’ve taken the time to think about your responses and decided that I’m actually going to try to stick it out, look fear in the eyes, and reassure myself that I am in control. So thank you very much for your advice!

Maybe I’ll post back in this thread if any results occur. :smile:

if you fear it, you have a better chance of LDing once your past the fear.

You think? Because I was hoping the same thing. :wink:

I had the same problem too. In the middle of the day, I told to myself that this night, i’ll be doing a WILD or something else that would make me Lucid Dream. But when the night comes, I feel scared about the dream becoming nightmare after I get lucid and etc. Sometimes I get also scared by various HI created images… But last week, I just managed to force myself to not wake up when I feel scared, I just let scary stuff or nightmares happen, and I don’t feel frightened somehow. You just look at the images or feelings generated by your subconcious and let them scare you if they wish by telling yourself, that this is not reality and you won’t get hurt, die etc. Sometimes it is even interesting to look at the HI or Nightmares. And when you enter the dream, your conscious mind will take over the control, you will literally forget about nightmare, and you will concentrate on doing LD stuff.

Same thing happened too me, i just told my self that theres nothing getting scared of.

Thank you Paulius and Adderad, that’s what I’ve been trying to work on (what each of you said).

Seeing that you had the same problem and overcame it, Paulius, gives me some confidence. :content: Thanks for sharing.

Namine, try this NLP(Neuro Linguisting Programming) technique for overcoming phobias. Think of the reason you are afraid of a situation in which anything can happen. Maybe you’ve you had a great trauma in your life that you’ve overcome, but you are afraid of something similar happening again. Whatever it is, try to find what it is. If it’s not a specific experience or you can’t think of anything, use that scary dream you described.

Now, this will sound strange but it’s worked for many people. You must relive this experience you’ve chosen in third person. Become another person that is watching you live this experience. Make your thoughts sound like this, “Poor kid, he seems to be in pain,” “That kid over there seems to be having a rough time.” Any kind of thoughts that will make it clear you aren’t thinking about yourself in the first person. You’re view point must also be outside of you, meaning you will be able to see yourself.

Now, once you’ve seen the experience end and it looks like the “you” is back to normal or safe, relive the experience backwards, and in first person this time. When I say backwards, I mean walk backwards, talk backwards, experience everything backwards. You must make sure that when you relive the experience backwards, it only lasts for about 2 seconds, regardless of how long the actual experience was.

This should instantly heal your fear of lucid dreams. This technique has been proven to work and helped me overcome my fear of spiders. The reason it works is because phobias are learned very quickly, so they need an equally quick technique to beat them. Let me know of the results or if you have any questions.

I think the best way to get over a fear is to face it. I know it sounds difficult, but a solution would be to become lucid and then ask the dream to show you your greatest fears. It won’t be pretty, but you will see that nothing can truly harm you, that you are in control.

Nadine, Prashno64 knows what he’s talking about!

I’m familiar with that technique (minus the superfast part, though it does make sense) and have gotten fantastic results using it.
In fact, I learned a modification of that technique from something called EFT…

I don’t mean to scare you, but you can look at this visualization as a lucid dream in itself. That is, you are in control of it… so go into that vision of the cause of your fear like Prashno described. Go in feeling safe and unharmed by whatever it is that caused your fear. Watch your responses as the person being traumatized. When you feel the moment is right, actually walk over to your traumatized self and ask her - “Do you need some help? Do you want support?”

Give yourself what you needed in that moment to feel safe. It could be a hug, standing behind yourself while you’re under attack, or you could manifest a bouquet of flowers out of the air… if they calm you and make you feel loved. Together with your old self, watch the scary experience unfold.

That way, it’s like you were never traumatized at all - the past only exists while you yourself replay it. You are in total control, even though sometimes it may not feel like it. You are the person being traumatized, the person doing the traumatizing, and the person watching… it is all in your mind, after all! :wink:

So after the experience ends and you’ve given yourself all the support you need, you can talk to your old self or stay and do a bit of what she wants to do… it’s all about establishing that feeling of love and safety that you feel you are lacking - this is what makes you afraid of creating a nightmare.

I felt that fear myself as well. The trick is, you already have everything you need to overcome every obstacle that comes at you. You just have to be conscious enough to pull from your resources. Even if that means traveling back through time to give yourself what you needed in the past. :smile:

I hope this helps & best of luck to you!

From what I’ve learned, the mind subconciously turns negative “I don’t want this” statements into “I want this.” For example, if you thought to yourself “I don’t want to have a nightmare,” your mind would change it to “I want to have a nightmare.” So don’t focus on what you DON’T want, think about what you DOO want! :content:

I completely agree with this ^.

I think facing your fears makes you a stronger person. Sometimes it doesn’t take away your fear, but just knowing you had the strength to face whatever it is that scares you makes your life easier. Whatever it is you fear, in reality or the dream world, face it.

Trust in yourself.

To me personally, lucid dreaming is diving into what your mind is already showing you on a conscious level. Sure you’re able to focus on it and begin controlling it once you’re lucid, but with that being said, you should be able to gain the confidence to push negativity aside and turn it into something more pleasant!

Your dreams are there weather or not you’re lucidly aware, most the time with messages for you from your subconscious. Gaining lucidity will help you understand it better, and you have a stronger grip on whats happening. Sure there is the ‘behind the scenes’ creator designing the world around you, but it’s your mind you’re digging into!

I feel that it’s an excellent way to get to know yourself better and work through most issues that everyday life throws your way. Really nothing to be afraid of there, unless your afraid of yourself :smile: