How clear are Lucid dreams?

Are they like real life almost, or more blurry, or do they very depending on how good your concentration is?

yeah,they can be all of that. level of conciousness can be low when you lose concentracion and can lead to loss of control ( ND ).or it can be high so is allmost like in real life,but not the same,after all you can do things that you can not imagine doing in real life.and your mind is not the same,you feel diferent.At least i do.

They are crisp and clear. You are living in a dream. It is very empowering and some things can go blurry. It depends on how intense you are controlling what you are doing but believe me you will hear sounds and feel the temperature and it’s a blast.

Its always perfectly clear for me, unless I’m coming to a FA or actually waking up. At those points I have a hard time looking anywhere besides the floor

In my case the blurryness is determined by what depth my sleep has reached, concentration affects my ability to interact and force my will upon the enviroment.

In rare cases things can actually look very real (even to such an extent that I can be fooled into believing the dream for a while), altough the sheer amount of detail can be so overwhelming it can be hard to get proper control.

for me they are just like normal dreams some are foggy and merky some are can be clear even clearer if you wear glasses :smile:

They can be more clear and vivid then real life because it is all in your mind, and therefore there are no limitations.

i recently had a LD through a wild, and it was amazingly realistic. It was exactly like waking life, maybe even “more” realistic

I think WILDs often results in very vivid dreams

Im defenitly going to try it through wild now- although the noises and sp pretty much scare the living hell out of me-lol

yeah reading about that scared me from trying wild in the beginning. But then I decided to not care.

In a good lucid dream, things will look very real. I verified several times that I could not sense any notable differences from how things look and feel in the real world. Sometimes I can’t really believe it after I wake up. But I generally trust my judgement from within the dream. :wink:

The main difference is: Things are only real as long as you actually pay attention to them. There is hardly any “peripheral” perception in a dream, i.e. you still being aware of things on which you do not focus your attention - or at least I have never noticed anything like it in a lucid dream. Things can pop in and out of existence at any time.

Some feelings and moods can be overwhelming in a LD, oddly enough, much more intense than in RL.

On the other hand, I have also had lucid dreams with low quality, i.e. hazy, shaky, dark or completely missing visuals, taste sense is often not convincing. Touch sense works well almost in every lucid dream I have.

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I am just starting out with LDing and would like to know. How real do lucid dreams look? Are they just like your in real life? Or are they real blurry and foggy? Plz someone :help:

They can be blurry and foggy, but also really vivid if you concentrate.
For me they are just like normal dreams, the same level of details, but I do sometimes forget a lot of details :grin:

Damn :cry: That sucks. I was hoping they would be like real life.:angry: All well. I still want to do it. :tongue:

It all depends on how lucid you manage to become.
At low-level lucidity you will probably remember it just as foggily as a regular dream.
However, the first time (and, for me at least, every time) you gain a really high level of lucidity, you’ll be totally in awe at just how clear and detailed the world around you actually is. Myself, I get a kick out of tactile sensations, and just how real they seem (sickos are gonna jump all over that one :tongue: ).

My lucidity is usually clear, because when I lucid dream I consciously look around and observe everything with a naked eye. It’s easier for your dreams to become clear when they are lucid. One of my most vivid dreams came about when I was lucid.

For me, it depends on what I do/eat the day before or how I approach sleep.
Sometimes its clear as a bell and others it very cloudy. However, more often that not, I can see everything really really clearly, as was said earlier; it’s like your living.

What I think is the biggest question is, “Is it like reality?”. Most people here answer like “No, it’s not like reality”, when what you really should answer to is “Does it feel like I’m really there?”. New people getting the response “No, it’s not like reality”, think that you’ve just told them that “It doesn’t feel like you are really there”, and they simply get disappointed and quits. Before you’ve actually experienced it yourself you can’t know, all you can do is imagine. Myself I haven’t had a LD yet, but that doesn’t mean that I can’t imagine what it’s like. I got the response many times that it doesn’t feel like reality at all and so on, but thankfully I didn’t quit, instead I kept asking questions and got what I was looking for, “It is not like reality, but it feels like you are really there”.

So simply what I’m asking you people is, be carefull with what you say, we wouldn’t want people to quit just because they got the wrong information.

It depends on your confidence… My dad thinks its impossible. when he does it its all fuzzy.

that more realistic thing… i dont really understand :content:
in my dreams the colors are not really right and it has also an unrealistic feel about it(sorry for the bad grammar im in a hurry)