How did you come to know of LD? (1 question 4 all here :-))

I read about it once but didn’t investigate. My girlfriend has been an LDer since early childhood. Lately I’ve been learning a lot about Jung’s theories of the psyche. I made a post on my blog about a conversation I had with my girlfriend after she woke up from a nightmare. Our talk revolved around her dreams and lucid dreaming in general. That motivated her to start a blog about her dreams (she’s removed it since then) which motivated me to do a bit of research and start practicing LD-inducing techniques.

On another forum I’m on someone mentioned LDing and I was like," That sounds really cool."
After some searching on the internet I found this site, and decided to join.

i was searching for shamans after i heard this cool shpongle song and got to a forum with a topic called “waking up in your dreams” this sounded cool so i went into it and found LDing

I was reading a bio on Aphex Twin and it mentioned that he wrote an entire album based on LD’s.
Wikipedia linked to a page about lucid dreaming and i clicked on it for no reason… :eh:

i read about it in some science magazine. it was an article talking about how bogus it was. i did some research, found this site, found out it wasn’t bogus, got mad at the magazine :grrr: , and joined ld4all

I googled "Dream Interpretation "
A site came up.
I looked through it and I saw a link to a discussion board about Lucid Dreaming. I thought “Hey, that looks familiar”, so I clicked on it. After a bit of reading, I soon got directed to this site.

Me learning about LD was an accident :eek:

well i read a book called “DreamRider” by Barry Jonsberg and the main character could lucid dream so i looked it up on the internet and found out how i could :grin:

Well…since I’m a big fan of the Nightmare on elm street films, I started to wonder if it was really possible to control yourself in your dreams. I did alittle research and ended up finding this site. :smile:

My dad talked to me about astral travel and I thought it sounded cool, so I began looking it up. While I was doing that I discovered a little bit about lucid dreaming in different books/websites on astral projection.

At first I thought lucid dreaming, especially WILDs were just the more scientific peoples’ way of explaining the astral plane.

Now I mostly focus on lucid dreaming. lol, funny how things turn around on you.

I honestly can’t remember when I first heard of lucid dreaming. Like I said on the “HI I’m new here” thread, I tend to have a lucid dream once or twice a month without effort. My dad showed me a book on lucid dreaming many years ago, but it didn’t interest me because I knew if I waited a while it would happen to me naturally.

But, a few weeks ago, for the first time in my life, I decided that I wanted to have a lucid dream one night on purpose. I’d never done that before, and oddly enough, I experienced my first WILD that night without knowing exactly what it was. All I knew was that I had somehow consciously fallen asleep.

I looked up more info online immediately afterward, and for the first time I’m really trying to hone my skills and get more involved in my lucid dreams. :boogie:

To tell u the truth i first got the idea about controling my dreams when i was 5 while watching a little kid show called “Blues Clues”. That episode talked about dreams alot and one part of it showed me that i can contrl my dreams. The next night i had a dream about being in the show and was dancing with giant human sized chicken nuggets. I realized it was a dream then i walked around a bit then i woke myself up.

My next LD was when i was in 6th grade and it ROCKED. After that i decided to learn more about those kinds of dreams but i only actually did it when i was in my first year of high school. I searched on wikipedia about it and at the bottom of it i saw a link to this site. :content:

I’ve had them all of my life but I learned that it had a name by looking up dreams on Wikipedia. (I look up everything on Wikipedia, laughs) Then at the end I saw a link to this site. :content: I lurked for a good while before I actually signed up, when I first saw it it looked a lot different… :eh:


Yeah, that’s what I thought too, then I got scared as heck because like I said, I’ve had LD’s my whole life. :eek: I was so scared that I had stumbled into witchcraft or something, but then I did a bunch of reasearch on it and found out that it wasn’t really about that at all. :grin:

I was supposed to do a paper on a controversial topic but at first I picked cults and for some reason my dad was afraid I was going to join one(I live in the effin boondocks so the only religion around is christianity for at least 100 any direction) so he wouldn’t sign the permission thingy and my fall back was ESP so I started looking stuff up about it and ended up here some how.

On a date.

We talked about astral projection. I had no idea what it was. It sounded interesting and scary at the same time. Then I found out that lucid dreaming was a close tie in. I did some research and found the ability to control my dreams was really fascinating, more so than astral projection.

I came to know of Lding by doing it.
I was 4ish and had a LD.
I then continued to LD as my life went on.
I had always just called it controlling my dreams untill one day I looked into it more and found out it was called Lucid Dreaming.

I guess I’m just a natural Lucid Dreamer.

Well. I watched vanilla sky and heard lucid dreaming. I went on wikipedia (woo) and researched it. It said a dream where you know you are dreaming, so I thought, oh, I thought it was something interesting. Nevertheless, I kept researching it, ended up here, and voila.

Well, I was irritated cause I couldn’t remember any dreams I had. So I went searched around a little on google and found a few sites describing how to remember your dreams and eventually I found Lucid dreaming sites :colgate:

Actually, I didn’t start out looking for info on anything dream related!

Okay, to start with, I’m a writer. I love writing stories, poems, and just about anything. And I was having serious writer’s block that day, so I decided to look for inspiration on the web (I find inspiration in strange places, I know :tongue: ). Well, on one site, I read that recording dreams every morning can help improve creativity and has been known to help cure writer’s block. I shrugged and thought, heck, why not? Dreams had always been a fairly interesting subject to me anyway. So I started Googling dreams and stuff (I’ve got a short attention span when it comes to the web). And I happened upon this little site, which turned out to be one of my most frequently visited websites!

I saw questions about it floating around on Yahoo Answers, so I looked the term up, and really liked the idea :smile: