How did you get here?

Wow thats a good one! :content:

I found this sight when I was learning how to whistle with my hands on and I just happend to look around the site to see what else I could learn. And I saw a section about dreaming so I thought " What can you learn about dreams" But I figured that it ws most likely just some dream intepretation sites but I decided to check because “You never know” I saw something on “Lucid Dreaming” I had never heard of this and started looking at the sites they had (one was the Luciditiy institute) The easiest one to follow was this site which made everything simple and also made the experience sound fun (IF it was real) I started off very skeptical about the subject but me being a person to “Never say never” I decided to give the whole LDing thing “One week” Or I would conclude it was impossible. And so three days later I had my first LD signed up the next day to the forums and have been pursuing a little more of “Paradise which is LD’ing” :rofl:
:help: Hatedgremlin thinks hes an addict

I first found it on wikipedia, and then I found it last week while stumbling upon, and as everyone knows, Stumble Upon is an alien subliminal brainwashing device.

I have posted a link here in the motas forum under lucid dreaming shuld that stand on the poll too?

The best way to get here that I have heard !!

We must get a new category :wink:

Yes, we need a “I was subliminaly propagandized by Q” - Option :happy:

well, I’m an alien so that option is already there :razz:

:peek: I don’t know what will happen to the existing poll if i add an option. It has been known to happen that the poll then is reset and I don’t want that. So i have to test it in a safe area first, wearing gloves and protective gear :tongue:

Via search engine from i was running a search on, yeah you guessed it, lucid dreams and a link to this site was on the page. so i figured what the hell? why not?
great community here, rock on dream people.

Domi Li told me about the site. Glad he did, too; this place is cool :cool:! I checked out Dreamviews and Dreammoods, but there’s just something about LD4All. Some addictive, hypnotic sinister hold over me… :seer: :dark:

i read most of stephen laberge’s ‘exploring the world of lucid dreaming’, and one day i typed ‘lucid dreaming’ into yahoo, and found ld4all
i had been reading ld4all for awhile, and realized there was a forum on the last tab, and i at first condemned the thought of it, because i used to hate forums…but then i checked it out, and realized that it was nothing but nice people concerned about lucid dreaming and not about flaming everyone, and that it probably had some good advice on lucid dreaming, so i joined!!
:smile: glad i did too!!

i love this place

wow, you could have missed so much :thud:

yeah i was definitely thinking that we should put the shortcut to the forum in like BIG BOLD LETTERS on the front of the home page of ld4all, with lots of exclamation points!!!
its funny, when i saw the link the first time, its like when you see in a movie a hidden bar behind a door in the back of a nightclub, that only the VIP people know about, hehehe

:welcome: welcome to the VIP club ttvenom800 :wink:


lol I only just read the options for this poll “Subliminal message from aliens” :eh:

I came here on a search engine, after reading an article that mentioned lucid dreaming. :yay:

I came here after I typed in something to do with lucid dreaming in the search engine, google.

However, how I got to this point was more interesting…

One day I was wondering about dreams and their mystic powers, the mystery behind them and what they were all about. I went to my favourite online encyclopedia, Wikipedia! And typed in “dream”.

After reading to the end, I saw a link to lucid dreaming, and I clicked on that, and WOA! I found very interesting stuff…

So in my quest to know more, and practice, I found this site…

I found ld4all by searching: Lucid dreaming, on yahoo. :content:

Found it via Stumble Upon for Firefox. Would that be search engine, or friend? :confused: It was recomended by someone, and I got it as a random site.

Someone put a link to wikipedia on Lucid dreaming and said “Lucid dreams, spread the word.”
I followed the link and and became vey interested and found this site mentioned at the bottom of the page.

Well, I was at DreamViews and I saw this website name come up over and over again, so I was like, let me check this out. lol. I liked the front page so I bookmarked it. Then, the next day I joined. :tongue: