How did you get here?

From the Wikipedia. Guess that counts as a link to another site.

Same here.

Just browsing google for sites that could better inform me on the subject of lucid dreaming. =]

I can’t remember exactly but I’m quite sure I stumbled across ld4all using google.

I came across the lucid dreaming Wikibook, and I saw a link to LD4all in it. So, that’s how I got here. :smile:

i got linked to the site through the vaults of erowid (which is a sweet site). i was looking through meditation, drumming, and came across dreaming, which led me to a link here

'Tis a long and tragic story, involving heartache and death to a few loved ones.

Not really, but I thought that would be an interesting opener.

Originally, I read a random article about “dreaming whatever you want to dream about”. I saw the term “lucid dream” tossed about a few times in these articles. I never thought to google it…

A year or so later, I thought about these dreams again, and decided to pursue them. I’d recently learned about wikipedia, so I wiki’d it. I saw links at the bottom (including ld4all), but decided that I could manage by using just the article. After a few nights of failing, I grew frustrated and gave up.

A few months later, I came back to the article and decided to check all the links (starting with this one).

And that, my friends, is the tale of how I got here. Elapsed time - ~1.5 years

I got here twice…both by the same way~ Randomly wandering around the internet like I do when I’m bored out of my wits. =P

I don’t feel like telling which site I ran here from. The second time. Because i forgot how I got here the first time… =P

Using Google. I remembered visiting this site about a year ago i think, but i couldn’t remember the name, so i used google. But even without Google, i would have eventually stumbled upon this forum, where ever there is lucid dreaming, there’s a link to here. :content:

From Gamefaqs.

search engine/ google

Now I remember how I got here…read some topic about dreamshifting somewhere. Linked here.

Searched on something to do with hypnosis I think. It was year ago. In any case I ended up at this site, and never forgot it. Although, I didn’t start posting until a couple years later.

From the Dream Theater forum. Someone said “I’ll try lucid dreaming tonight” and I asked “what’s that?” and he gave me the link to LD4all.

I had a huge break when I started and now I’m here again, and other little breaks in between. It’s my favorite forum at the moment. :smile:

I was reading an article about sleep (trying to figure exactly how little I could get away with). There was a brief mention of Lucid Dreaming. I thought it sounded cool, but forgot about it for a month or two. Then I decided to look it up, and was the first resault.

Hmmm, I’l have to think back…

Ah yes, I was messing about on the internet looking for a website about ‘dream meanings’ when I came across something about LDing. I read it and decided to do research on it. So I typed ‘lucid dreaming’ into google and eventually found ld4all.

some link in wikipedia , but I really had no idea at the Time lucid dreams aere that special since I had them about all my life maybe one every 5 other dreams I remember

I wanted to see what other people have dreamt so I signed here through the link there

I found a link in wikibook about LD. I use wiki a lot so… :content:

I was looking for how to whistle with my hands which took me to this website had a section about dreams and I saw something about lucid dreaming I thought it was fake but decided I would give it 5 days to either be proven (to me) fake or real. So I read all that I could on the site and on the third day had my first LD. I have been here ever since.

I got here by finding this website that told you how to do a bunch of cool things, such as make a cloud in a bottle. I searched for a random word, the word was dream :happy:. In the first 5 or so results was lucid dreaming. It sounded familer because I read about it years before.

Then I googled lucid dream found this site, but first ignored it because it had to load and was to colorful. But I later came back out of curiosity.