How did you get here?

Just browsing google for sites that could better inform me on the subject of lucid dreaming. =]

I can’t remember exactly but I’m quite sure I stumbled across ld4all using google.

I came across the lucid dreaming Wikibook, and I saw a link to LD4all in it. So, that’s how I got here. :smile:

i got linked to the site through the vaults of erowid (which is a sweet site). i was looking through meditation, drumming, and came across dreaming, which led me to a link here

'Tis a long and tragic story, involving heartache and death to a few loved ones.

Not really, but I thought that would be an interesting opener.

Originally, I read a random article about “dreaming whatever you want to dream about”. I saw the term “lucid dream” tossed about a few times in these articles. I never thought to google it…

A year or so later, I thought about these dreams again, and decided to pursue them. I’d recently learned about wikipedia, so I wiki’d it. I saw links at the bottom (including ld4all), but decided that I could manage by using just the article. After a few nights of failing, I grew frustrated and gave up.

A few months later, I came back to the article and decided to check all the links (starting with this one).

And that, my friends, is the tale of how I got here. Elapsed time - ~1.5 years

I got here twice…both by the same way~ Randomly wandering around the internet like I do when I’m bored out of my wits. =P

I don’t feel like telling which site I ran here from. The second time. Because i forgot how I got here the first time… =P

Using Google. I remembered visiting this site about a year ago i think, but i couldn’t remember the name, so i used google. But even without Google, i would have eventually stumbled upon this forum, where ever there is lucid dreaming, there’s a link to here. :content:

From Gamefaqs.

search engine/ google

Now I remember how I got here…read some topic about dreamshifting somewhere. Linked here.

Searched on something to do with hypnosis I think. It was year ago. In any case I ended up at this site, and never forgot it. Although, I didn’t start posting until a couple years later.

From the Dream Theater forum. Someone said “I’ll try lucid dreaming tonight” and I asked “what’s that?” and he gave me the link to LD4all.

I had a huge break when I started and now I’m here again, and other little breaks in between. It’s my favorite forum at the moment. :smile:

I was reading an article about sleep (trying to figure exactly how little I could get away with). There was a brief mention of Lucid Dreaming. I thought it sounded cool, but forgot about it for a month or two. Then I decided to look it up, and was the first resault.

Hmmm, I’l have to think back…

Ah yes, I was messing about on the internet looking for a website about ‘dream meanings’ when I came across something about LDing. I read it and decided to do research on it. So I typed ‘lucid dreaming’ into google and eventually found ld4all.

some link in wikipedia , but I really had no idea at the Time lucid dreams aere that special since I had them about all my life maybe one every 5 other dreams I remember

I wanted to see what other people have dreamt so I signed here through the link there

I found a link in wikibook about LD. I use wiki a lot so… :content:

I was looking for how to whistle with my hands which took me to this website had a section about dreams and I saw something about lucid dreaming I thought it was fake but decided I would give it 5 days to either be proven (to me) fake or real. So I read all that I could on the site and on the third day had my first LD. I have been here ever since.

I got here by finding this website that told you how to do a bunch of cool things, such as make a cloud in a bottle. I searched for a random word, the word was dream :happy:. In the first 5 or so results was lucid dreaming. It sounded familer because I read about it years before.

Then I googled lucid dream found this site, but first ignored it because it had to load and was to colorful. But I later came back out of curiosity.

Funny story how I got here actually. :happy:
I didn’t even know control of dreams was possible.

I was doing a school project in 8th grade last year… had to find out how a VCR worked. So I went to to get my research done. After I was done there was a little link at the bottom that said ‘How Stuff Works: Dreams’ and out of curiosity (cuz I’ve always liked stuff about dreams) I clicked. :happy:

It explained stuff about REM, and sleep patterns, and something called Lucid Dreaming, where one is able to control their dreams.

So I thought to myself “I’m going to learn to do that.”

Searched google for ‘Lucid Dreaming’ and here I am. :happy:
I forgot about this site a week or so after I joined… then remembered about it today for some random reason. XD

Read about lucid dreaming in a psychology textbook which said that it was most definately real, googled it, and got this site. But the textbook is what caused the search.

Oddly enough, my new psych book doesn’t mention it.