How did you get here?

I think I found the url to this site through :razz:

I was searching about the REM sleep in the google and found it by chance.

9gag post about lucid dreaming.
Oh dear.

There was a very old website about the game : Left 4 Dead, which the URL was

Haha, good times.

I was on stumbling the paranormal catagory, I didnt even know there was such a thing as lucid dreaming. one of the sites I ended up on talked a little about LDing and had a link to helpful sites, LD4all was one of them. how lucky is that. :grin:

I was looking for information on binaural beats and found a blog with info on them and links to good LD websites which took me here. The blog is called Dreaming to Infinity, its got some cool stuff there.

I came because GizEdwards mentioned LD4all in one of his vids. [Sadly I was a minute late because a Hiigarian Intercepter cashed into my house and I had to repair it by yelling at my house. Then my cat did the same. True Story.]

Link on one of the posts on


I discovered this site after reading about lucid dreams in a magazine. Interested, I proceeded to google “lucid”, “lucid dreams”, “MILD”, “WILD”, and finally “Sleep Paralysis”. I noticed that one site with an odd name/acronym kept popping up. I clicked it more out of curiosity than anything else, and proceeded to lose hours of sleep browsing the forums of that one odd site. Bookmarked, and well, here I am! :smile:

Aha, same here. :wink:

The stars led me to this place.

Why, I’ve always been here

It was suggested to me by a friend/former member.
Heard about it, looked it up from there.

It was a calling…
There was a very extensive ritual.

I just google lucid dreaming on google

Yeah, same here. Google. Liked the presentation.

Time to tip my hat.

I am one of the oldest active dreamviews members, mostly active on their chat, and a regular in LD4ALL’s chat.

Getting serious again and this community is a lot more on topic and less drama filled :smile:

I’m the same as tiantian. I really wondered if I could control my dreams when I was a kid and so on a boring day I wrote “controlling dreams” on the internet and bam. Found it.

i had a few lucid dreams until now…
I was always interested in what my dreams are telling me, and what different sites say they mean.
I didn’t exactly know what lucid dreaming was, the only thing I knew I wanted more dreams like this and I started googling…

I really dont know how old I was when I first came to this site, but it teached me a lot!! After reading en trying things from the guidelines over and over again I went on the English forum and now
Now years later this is still the only fun and useful site to learn about lucid dreaming in my opinion :happy:

And yeah this is actually my first post :razz: