How did YOU learn to LD? - Part II

I was always interested in the mind and how dreams work. Then one day just casually researching about dreams and their meanings I came across an article about people controlling their dreams. So obviously, I thought to myself “wow that would be so fun!” and through further research that’s how I came across lucid dreaming. Short and sweet huh.

I learned to lucid dream by doing a series of reality checks every day whenever something out of the ordinary happened. I wanted to lucid dream because I didn’t want to be limited to reality. I wanted to push the boundries. For some reason I really don’t need to do lucid affirmations, I just do a reality check, and I’m lucid.

I remember I knew what lucid dreaming was for a while, but was never really interested in it. I have a decent level awareness so I was very prone to lucid dreams caused by DILD… After 3-5 lucid dreams or so within the course of a few months because of DILD I thought about how cool it was that I was able to control everything in my dreams, and kinda escape reality. So it was then I decided to get into lucid dreaming, and actually using proper techniques and having them more frequently. So basically you can say I got into LDing by LDing. :content:

I began my lucid journey after defeating a small recurring nightmare I’d had when I was younger, and also probably the movie Waking Life.

Just try and try and hope that I can by sucessful. practice RC and WILD

A good friend of mine told me he wanted to try LDing and so I thought I’d give it a go. Three weeks later I had my first LD but to answer the question I learned almost all of my LDing techniques from this website and other similar ones. The internet is a crazy place… You can learn the strangest things. I’m sure glad I found out about this though!

First i read a book about it. That same day me and a girl imagined a world together where we would live.

It was an amazing place ( island ). And it came true in my dream, i was so excited i woke up instantly :tongue: Shame…

I had my first lucid dream when I was trying to improve my dream recall by keeping dream journal and chanting ‘I will remember my dreams’ in my head. I guess I accidentally did a MILD because I had a lucid dream that night :content: .

I’ve been intrigued by lucid dreaming since early 2012, and I did the odd reality check and kept a dream journal in the early months of the year. In April I had a moment of lucidity for the first time. It wasn’t until June that I really got into it. I learnt huge amounts about it and read widely, and I had my first proper lucid dream on the night of the 18th of June, having started committing properly to my dream journaling and induction techniques.

Surprisingly for me, my first LD was technically a WILD, although it just involved me finding myself in SP somehow and managing to make a successful transition. MILD has not really worked for me. As such, most of my lucid dreams have either been the sort of WILD I just described or a DILD thanks to awareness and RCing during the day. SSILD seems to have worked on two occasions for me (and I’ve only done it 5-6 times) but I do not know if it was just a coincidence.

All in all I’ve gotten lucid 11 times and had 8 proper lucid dreams since really starting to work on it at the beginning of June. I consider it excellent progress and am very happy with how it’s going. :smile:

EDIT: p.s. If anyone wonders how I’ve had so much success in a short period of time (and my LD rate is increasing), it’s simply the amount of time I’ve put into reading about LDing and thinking about it. Oh and motivation.

I attribute my first lucid dream to dream themes.
All I did was read through this sites common “Recurring dreamthemes” found here. And then I read through my dream journal and made conscious note of my recurring dreamthemes (in the case of my first lucid dream, being at school was my most redcurrant dream theme).

Voilà! My first lucid dream at my highschool. I just became aware, no reality checks.

I had nightmares when I was a bit younger, I think I learned it there
now, I wake up sometimes but instead of getting out of my bed I fall asleep again, so I can dream freely :smile:
just today I hade a crazy dream, and so I found this site

srry for bad English :smile:

I learned from my blood brother, the term lucid dreaming from my best friend, and ways to amplify success and many other things from LD4all.

i’ve always had lucids as a kid, and one day me and my older bro were talking and he mentioned this cool dreaming technique his friend did. He was telling me about his reality checks * which he did not use that word * and his watch method. He said it was called lucid dreaming. I noticed about the lucid community in a game i played and then I heard of Ld4all by a friend. I came here, joined, and started to follow techniques, got my DJ and I started to write. Within a few weeks I got my first LD after trying techniques! I started in March.

I had this skill when I was a kid and frequently had spontaneous lucid dreams though I did not know what they were called. I thought everyone dreamed like that. As I got older they became less frequent. One day I was in a mall bookstore. I just grabed a martial arts book and was going to cash out when I passed the " new age occult" section. As I was looking at the books I saw " exploring the world of lucid dreams" and it caught my attention. I flipped through the book and immediately understood what the book was about as I still had lucid dreams just not as often as I used to. I was excited to learn that I could learn to have lds on a regular basis. I have been into lucid dreaming ever since.

I joined an Edgar Cayce group where we touched on a little of everything. I actually did start with the whole dream diary thing but didn’t really jump at me until I was in my mid 30’s! For more then 10 years I was so exhausted from LDing all night, I had to sleep 9 hours a night with an hour or 2 nap in the afternoon! I still do. I can remember every dream all night, every night. It is still tiring.
Hey we ARE a LD site. Why don’t we talk about Edgar Cayce more? He’s the most famous of us all!

My first LD was a happy accident, every one after that has been thanks entirely to ld4all, the FAQs and Tutorials have been highly helpful to me. WTB, RCs, WILD and MILD have been the methods I’ve had some success with. I have much more to learn, but I’m well on my way.

Thanks ld4all!

I’ve had 3 LD’s. All have been spontanious. I am currently learning with Charlie Morley in the UK so that I can increase the frequency of my LD’s.

Um, honestly…

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I stalked and studied the hell out of wyvern :razz:

I’ve always managed to LD… I don’t know why - it’s a rare thing to have a normal dream for me o.o

Haven’t quite learned LD’ing yet… Sometimes I’ve lost the hope of succeeding properly. I’ve had a few LD’s through dream signs but I haven’t learned WILD yet.